Monday, May 25, 2009

Motorcycle Saftey Rules

1) ATGAT: All the gear. All the time. That's a full face helmet, motorcycle specific gloves, motorcycle specific boots, motorcycle specific jacket and motorcycle specific pants. An adendum to this is your preflight check. Always give your motorcycle a walk around before you ride. Check the tire pressure... lights... everything. Its a ritual that is of great importance.

2) Ride like you're invisible. You can never assume the driver of a car sees you. They will look right at you and pull out anyway... then claim they never saw you.

3) Make yourself conspicuous. Hi Vis yellow is dorky... but it also works. Ride with your brights on. Add more lights to your bike.


5) At any given time... God should be able to stop time and give you a pop quiz. If He asked you the color and type of each and every car around you, you should always be able to tell Him. You should be able to describe the drivers in your immediate vicinity in detail.

6) Every time the road goes blind... you slow down. That means hill tops... blind corners... you should ride like there probably is a monster in the road just over the hill waiting to crush you... because there might be.


8) Its safer to pass than to be passed.

9) Brakes are not your first option in accident avoidence. The throttle is.


11) When in doubt lean harder and give it more gas. The bike will almost be more capable than you think it is. Lowside washouts are extremely rare.

12) Lowside = walk away. High side = ambulance ride.


14) Avoid gravel if you can but If you hit gravel or dirt in the road... change nothing. Trust the bike. 99 times out of 100 it will save you. Don't brake. Don't swerve. Roll straight through it and trust the bike.

15) Don't be an idiot. Don't take chances. If you want to test your limits... go to a track day event.



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