Saturday, April 20, 2013

ATF Archive

Go here for the replay.  So it mostly ended up just being about gold and precious metals and the gold collapse.  This one is only thirty minutes long.  There will be some fairly serious changes next week.  The show is going to go for an hour... and it may change to 9pm.  We may even go more than once a week.

We'll see.

Regardless.  Enjoy.


Giraffe said...

So, is VeeDod also favoring hyper inflation?

By the way, my middle name is Vidad.

Giraffe said...

Oh yeah....

A: had a beer with my pizza. Killians

T: nope

F: Shot a couple varmints with my favorite wheelgun.

Vidad said...

I lean towards massive deflation and a rush to cash, followed by hyperinflation.

I also believe low-level hyperinflation already took place through the 90s and 00s.

Raggededge said...

Is there a way to download the show as an MP3? Be nice to listen too while driving.

Anonymous said...

Listened to archive. I liked it, but needs moar gun talk!

A: Wild Turkey Rare Breed

T: Fribourg and Treyer Bordeaux Snuff

F: S&W Performance Center 1911 (a Christmas gift from the wife).


WaterBoy said...

All the gold talk was quite interesting. You learn something new every day.

So, what was the deal with the button? It was a mute button and Vidad was actually on, or something? Bugs like these will get worked out.

kawaika said...

I'd like to be able to dl the show as well. I tried using file2hd, but it didn't work.

Nate said...

i can download the shows to an MP3. I may have to make an FTP think available. We'll see.

Nate said...

I honestly don't know what happened. when someone calls in there are three buttons. One lets them talk... the other shuts them up. A third disconnects them completely.

I hit the "let him talk" button... but it just didn't work. So I hit the shut up button.. then hit the "let him talk" button again... and it worked.

Just a bug I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the ATF show. Keep it up. I've listened live twice. Do you have any advice on buying physical gold (and silver)? I think it would make a great post for the blog.

Nate said...

tons. We'll be covering it in the next show. Which may be sooner than than later.

Ridip said...

Listened with the wife the other night since we just bought our freshly outta debt asses our first gold this week.

She loved it too. And no we don't need a grrrrl edition.

A: Four Roses Small Batch
T: None
F: CZ P-07 Duty .40

My only problem? She's started drinking some of my smoother whiskeys.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it, it confirmed some of the things you've all been saying, but it was way too short. I'm glad you're thinking about taking it to an hour. I have a question for all you experts. Perhaps you guys can address it here or on the show if you have time. My husband is a bird hunter, so we have lots of shotguns, and he is going to buy a pistol of his choice having recently completed the concealed carry course. I have a 9mm handgun that my Daddy bought me when we did the concealed carry course a few years ago. Aside from ammo for all the aforementioned guns, what would you suggest next for a gun purchase? Thanks in advance, y'all!

black said...

Use the DownloadHelper extension (Add-on) in Firefox.

Vidad said...

"I have a 9mm handgun that my Daddy bought me when we did the concealed carry course a few years ago."

I don't have an answer to your question, but that sentence is full of win.

Vidad said...

"By the way, my middle name is Vidad."


My middle name is Giraffe. WEIRD.

patrick kelly said...

"what would you suggest next for a gun purchase?"

Para .45

If that doesn't stir the hornets nest, this should:


Res Ipsa said...

Patrick Kelly,

I've gotta Para for sale.