Friday, May 31, 2013


A:  Third Shift Amber Lager for now... we'll be moving on to 46 later though.  If ya get a chance to pick some up, this is a nice little beer.

T: Rocky Patel called.  He says... "My cigars are amazing."  He's biased.  He's also correct.

F: Taurus Tracker .357.  7-shots.  Down right useful.  Pick one up.

Here's your link for the show tonight.  Should be a rowdy one.


Giraffe said...

A: Going to a casino with my church group. Should find something ethanol based there.

T: I don't want cancer.

F: Got a pair of 870's that need to be taken home.

Brother's got a .357 taurus. I think it is a tracker. He likes it. I like it too. Don't remember it being 7 shots, so maybe it is not a tracker.

Anyway, a .357 is a lot of fun I think.

Raggededge said...

A: Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Manly and all that.

T: Nothing

F: Taurus PT1911. I'm thankful for the advise on this one Nate. It is a fine weapon.

Vidad said...

A: Beefeater gin Martini. 2 garlic-stuffed olives.
T: Rocky Patel "rosado."
F: Nothin'.

Vidad said...

I should also share what I ate for dinner.

I'm growing amaranth grain out back. Actually, I'm not really growing it so much as letting it grow... and it's not really a grain... but...

Anyhow, I was harvesting some into a container and realized I was getting a lot of stink bugs mixed in with the grain. That made me think: are stink bugs edible? They have to have plenty of protein in them. I looked online and some types are indeed edible. So I shook them in a jar with water to make them spray out their toxins (hopefully), then froze them.

So... dinner tonight: boiled amaranth with one of our hen eggs in it, and a side of sauteed stinkbugs.

If I die on the air, it was for the sake of science.

Vidad said...

Giraffe: "T: I don't want cancer."

You should do some research into the war on tobacco by BigGov. Cigar and pipe smokers, according to some studies, actually live longer than the average population.

Plus, though smoking levels have dropped in the US, lung cancer rates have not dropped with them.

It's in your genes.

Matthew said...

A: Messina Hof Cabernet Sauvignon.

T: Avo No. 2

F: nothing

Vidad, I just bought a few packets of amaranth seeds a few weeks ago, planning to use them to outcompete the weeds growing in the part of my yard I hope to use as a garden. Haven't done anything with 'em yet. How is it working for you?

Vidad said...

They're monsters. I put them in a cultivated bed last year, then harvested, then fed the rest of the stalks and heads to the goats. This year, they popped up everywhere in the goat pen. Of course, the goats are long gone or else they wouldn't be there.

If you use them as a cover crop, be ready for them to show up again and again.

Flannel Avenger said...

Vidad said...

@Flannel Avenger


Matthew said...

The rock version of Humors of Whisky:

Matthew said...

A respectful version of Humors of Whisky!/search/tim%20lyons

Nate said...

DrWho has been dancing to that song for like 2 hours. wtf

Matthew said...

which song?

Nate said...

the rap song. she's trippin'

Outlaw X said...

That song utterly sucked. Where do you find this crap?

I wrote a song that I know Nate will love, If I ever get drunk enough I will record it and send it to him. It is titled "Man on the Run" in "G" With an "E" minor. Got a Gibson Hummingbird KOA.

Outlaw X said...


He's a lonely man
Lives his life by the gun
He'll have to pay
For the things that he has done

Riding through El Paso
From the border of Mexico
There's a trail of dead men
Everywhere he goes

Tough Texas lawmen
And the widows by the grave's
And the brother of the church
All want to see him hang


There's nothing worse than dying
But he knows the time must come
He'll have to pay
For the things that he has done
He'll take the bullet
He'll never give up the gun
'Cause there's nothing quite as desperate
As a man... on the run.

With his head up on his saddle
And the campfire in his eyes
Two men behind him
Take him by surprise

He see's a rifle
He see' a flash
He pulled his gun
But he shot last

Chorus (2)

There's nothing worse than dying
But he knew the time would come
He'd have to pay for
The things that he has done
He took the bullet
He never gave up the gun
'Cause there's nothing quite as desperate
As a man... on the run.

Vidad said...

@Outlaw X

That's killer good.

Anonymous said...

Vidad I know you like to write songs and are interested in music. Maybe we could have ATFG.

(Alcohol Tobacco Firearms a Guitars).

Here is my guitar.

Outlaw X said...

Anonymous was Me Vidad

Mr. B.A.D. said...

ugh, you could have stopped that song after the first 5 seconds and the demonstration of shitiness would have been complete. What was that, Tiger Woods' inevitable dabble in music?

Nate said...

it was like.. the bloodhound gang... after an anatomy class.

Vidad said...

@Outlaw X

That's a total classic. I played a friend's once. The tone is outstanding.

My main axe is a Fender 40th Anniversary Strat (US) in turquoise green. Plays and sounds amazing.

But I've also built and modified quite a few guitars. I like to find beater guitars at pawn shops and make them cool.

rycamor said...


You have a show about the "manly arts" and all you can talk about is how you name colors and when it is appropriate to cry?

Listen, what younger people (and I mean younger Gen X and Millenials) need is a definitive list of things you should be able to do in order to be properly called a man. something like:

- Cut down a tree with a chainsaw (has to be at least 1' wide).

- Go fishing, and actually pull up something alive and edible from the water. And be able to prepare and eat it.

- Shoot something, skin it, clean it and eat it.

- Throw a punch.

- Ride a motorcycle.

- Drive a stick shift.

- Sharpen a knife.

- Carve something out of wood.

- Handle an ax or a machete.

- Pitch a tent and start a campfire.

- Clean a gun (Nate mentioned this one).

- Perform basic maintenance on automobile and house.

- Grill a steak.

- Have a freaking opinion about *something*, with the ability to muster an argument in support of said opinion.

- Talk to any woman without flinching. (Watch for this one, and you will see it.)

- Apologize for something only when deserved and without debasing yourself or embarrassing the other party.

- Speak in front of a group of at least 50 people without falling apart. Although ideally, it should be any audience size.

- Host a social gathering, introducing people, putting everyone at ease, etc...

- Possess at least one manual skill that you could perform as labor if you lost your fruffly white-collar job.

- Fitness: at least be able to manage more than 3 pathetic pullups and 10 pushups. That's a pretty low bar, gentlemen...

- Have at least one sport or hobby that involves actually doing something or making something. (In other words, NOT stamp collecting)

- Have at least 3 friends you could call on at any time, who would have your back.

This is what comes to mind off the top of my head. Any others?

SDH said...

Some of these just expand on points in your list, but anyway:

- Know the Constitution and the reasons why it was written as it was.

- Choose a campsite - it's no good to be able to pitch a tent if it's in a swale or on an anthill.

- Cook on an open fire.

- Paint a room.

- Wire an outlet/light.

- Swing a hammer.

- Know the basic firearm actions.

- Discipline a child.

- Frame a house/shed.

- Build an overnight emergency shelter.

- Know first aid, even if it's just wrapping a cut with masking tape.

- Know how to order wine. You should know how to order a drink appropriate to the joint you're in.

- Plant a garden.

- Maintain a lawn.

- Shuck an oyster/boil a lobster.

- Don't cry...ever.

Nate said...

- Be able to operate any vehicle commonly used in society. everything from motorcycles to four wheelers to boats. I am still debating on if aircraft.

Susan said...

Great lists on what makes a man. I agree with all of the items.

Nate, you are probably one of the few guys I would listen to on any of the above listed items. At my age, I feel kind of bad for my daughter and her friends that the supply of real men out there is getting limited.

Should be lots of ideas for upcoming posts over the rest of the year.

Vidad said...

I've never ridden a motorcycle and I can't drive a stick. Never had access to either.


I can grow food, pluck a chicken, slaughter game, etc. I've built knives and guitars, framed walls, eating insects, felled trees, ripped it up on the electric guitar, eaten shark, pickled kraut, distilled pear cider into something much better, rolled cigars, built my own farm tools, fathered 6 kids and assisted in multiple births.

There's always more I could do... I'm just getting started. One day, I hope to be half the guy my grandpa was.

Outlaw X said...

But I've also built and modified quite a few guitars. I like to find beater guitars at pawn shops and make them cool.

Man, I would like to see some pictures of your work. My Bass Player who died in a 4 wheeler accident used to do the same thing.

Nate said...

'I'm not. Not only did I expect these things, I know they're just prelude. And it's almost surely going to involve a lot worse than "beating up".'

Fear not.

We're raising sons here.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a very good "lawn maintainer"; I've never built an emergency shelter, although I think I could swing a lean-to and a hip hole; I cried when I found my infant daughter deceased.

A: 4 Roses Single Barrel - wow,

T: A.Fuente Gran Reserva

F: POF 308

I'm surprised welding isn't on the lists...


Outlaw X said...

Nate asked the question bor proposed the answer to the question however you want to look at it. I had never thought about it, but knew I was a man and never measured it. I was tough and rugged. I was sunburn and stilled in my soul. I was harsh, yet gentle and never thought what it meant to be a man. I whipped ass when challenged and cuddled children that were crying. I think being a man is an instinct not a method. I was thrown in jail for fighting I was celebrated when I graduated. Being a man? I guess it is just being true to yourself as a man.

rycamor said...

- Be able to operate any vehicle commonly used in society. everything from motorcycles to four wheelers to boats. I am still debating on if aircraft.

Agreed. In fact boats are so much a part of my neurological system I didn't even think about it. Flying aircraft is something I always wanted to do but it is cost/time prohibitive for most.

Vidad said...
I've never ridden a motorcycle and I can't drive a stick. Never had access to either.


Obviously in an expanding list like this it's going to be hard to find guys that hit every single item, but you should not shrink back from the opportunity, given the chance. I know that any chance I get to fly, I'm taking it. In fact, as a kid I had the Piper Cub flight manual practically memorized.

The whole point is in being one who seizes opportunity for acquiring skills and experiences, rather than hanging back for love of comfort and fear of failure or ridicule. The corollary to that being the strategic planning of one's life to at least have some of these opportunities.

SDH said...

I'm surprised welding isn't on the lists

That's 'cause none of us can weld. Both my Dad and Grandpa were welders, but I couldn't lay a bead to save my life.

Nate mentioned a couple of weeks ago he also needs to work on his welding.

But you're right, it should be there. Along with:

- Hitch and tow a trailer.

- Throw and catch a football/baseball.

- splice a rope/type proper knots.

- cast a fly rod/set a snare.

among many other things. Being a Man is not just a checklist.

rycamor said...

Yes, being a man is not just a checklist. But one who is a man tends to match up with that checklist, as a product of his quest for competence and ability to mold his environment.

BTW, it bears note: for about 90% of the things on this list I am eternally indebted to my father. Yes, even welding. Some men coming of age will reach out and take what is theirs no matter what, but most need some direction and opportunity presented to them. If you are raising boys, THINK about that. Step outside your comfort zone as a father, and do both yourself and your son a favor.

Res Ipsa said...

"I cried when I found my infant daughter deceased."

That's on the short list of damn good reasons to cry. You wouldn't be worth much as man or a dad if you hadn't.

Vidad said...

My dad taught me to write. That skill has fed me almost my entire working life. And yeah, you can't measure manhood with a checklist. The attitude is a big deal. When I'm scared of something, I stifle the fear and press through. It's not that I'm fearless, and there are times it beats me, but it doesn't define who I am. Dad always told me "walk like you own the place, and people will assume you do and let you right through" and it's true. How many times have I kissed your wife, rycamor, and no one has lodged a complaint? Easy!

Vidad said...

@outlaw x

I'll try to post guitar pics tomorrow.

Huckleberry said...

The show description promised "metal working" and instead I get five minutes of the worst "music" to have abused my ears in well over a decade.
Thanks for that.

rycamor said...

Kissed my wife? Vidad, my good fellow, you'll have to do better than those timid little chicken pecks if you want to steal her.

Nate said...

Have you really not figured out that the show descriptions are totally irrelevant.

its a outline of a plan... sort of... but it all goes to shit when the mic goes live.

Vidad said...


If I didn't know for a fact that you have the muscle mass to smash my extraordinary brain into jello... I'd timidly chicken peck her on BOTH cheeks. BOTH!

Vidad said...


C'mon... you must've been impressed with the "I'm hungry for you like Ethiopians... I wanna put my seed in your Fallopians" lyric, despite the lack of musical brilliance by whoever the heck that was.

rycamor said...

@Huck, and I'm surprised you didn't get the subtle polyrhythmic shifts or the atonality that expresses the angst of modern philosophically erudite youth.

MacLaren said...

@Outlaw X

I just posted some pics of my homemade electric guitar.

Huckleberry said...

Ah, yes, from the Vanilla Ice School of Rhyme...
One other quibble: in the old school folk version of Whiskey in the Jar, it didn't end with the dude dying in prison, it ended with the dude's brother busting him out and both of them heading off to get revenge. Thin Lizzy and Metallica pretty much popularized that gamma version for some reason.