Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Morning After

Hey guys.  I hope ya got to catch the show last night, and if ya did I hope ya liked it.  Personally... I think Make Me A Sandwich pretty much makes the show a success...  forever.  I mean at these point we could just stop and say ok mission accomplished.  But... that's not our style I guess.

For the record I didn't get to introduce him but Rick who called in is non other than rycamor his own bad self.

Also I have some bad news.  I got an email from Outlaw X last night after the show.  He isn't up for doing the interview right now due to health issues.  He wouldn't want me to say any more than that.

So... needless to say I'm bummed.   I guess I'll have to on that interview with Vox...


Susan said...

Best wishes and prayers your way Outlaw X. You add a lot of flavor to the soup bowls that are Blogger Blaster and VD. I enjoy your comments whenever they appear. Especially your knowledge of the Catholic church and law enforcement.

Vidad said...

I second that. Get well, Outlaw X.

Vidad said...

I'm gonna get in touch with Koanic. He needs to be on the show.

Eric said...

Haha. It's funny you guys mention the $100,000,000,000,000 bill. I have one! My ex-gf got it for me cause she thought I'd appreciate it. It's nice and crisp and new!

Nate said...


Josh said...

Praying for ya, Outlaw. Get better, man.

John Williams said...

Get well Outlaw, the Ilk don't belong in the infirmary.

Vidad said...

"the Ilk don't belong in the infirmary."

'Cause normally, we put OTHER people in the infirmary.

cheddarman said...

Nate, i wanted to ask you this question on your show, but did not get the opportunity. So here goes.

In a normal economy, when there is a strong and long term demand for a good or service, the market responds by producing more of good or sevice. New providers of the good or service may also enter the marketplace.

Given that there is huge demand for ammunition in the U.S., one would think that new ammunition companies would enter the marketplace to meet the surge in demand. Since I dont see much evidence of this, I am assuming that the government is throwing up a lot of barriers to new companies that would want to enter the domestic ammunition market.

what are your thoughts on this?



Nate said...

That's a great question Cheds.

The answer is... its practically impossible to get into the ammo makin' business. Regulations are insane. I've looked into it my own self. its ridiculous the ammount of red-tape... and the safety requirements are seriously prohibitive. On top of it... the equipment costs are really high.

A full line of equipment to run 223 is cost ya around 20 million bucks.

Thats a lot of cash.

Mr. B.A.D. said...

Make me a sandwich was truly awesome. I need it. Once you add drums and what not you must give an mp3

cheddarman said...


Thanks for the info. I guess I will have to wait for Nate's Brand super bad ass ammo...maybe Stonewall Jackson will hand me a box when I pass into eternity.



Nate said...

don't get me wrong... I wanted a start-up bad... but you just can't imagine what an epic pain in the ass it is.

One mistake and your ass in jail with with a 30 million dollar loan around your neck.

thimscool said...

Outlaw X introduced me to the Lord.

He got pissed off at me for some reason I don't understand, but I am forever in his debt.

Eric said...


I've got a pic on my phone but not sure how to get it to you. Do you have an email address or something? Couldn't find it on the blog.

Nate said...

Anonymous said...

Archive action today.
Good show, again.

A: Knob Creek Single Barrel

T: Makers Mark Cigar (mmmm)

F: Para USA Black Ops 1911 (suppressor forthcoming).