Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ugly Women Against Free Speech

I swear...  a good potassium water enema would cure most of world's problems if we could just hold the feminists down long enough to give it to them.

Feminist outrage... the favorite pass-time of bored ugly women everywhere... has finally decided that civilization isn't eating itself fast enough and so, to speed things up, is now ramping up its attack on freedom of speech.

Apparently one group of Bored Ugly Women in particular... has taken to screenshotting what they consider "hate speech" positioned next to targeted advertising on Facebook.  They then forward these screenshots to the company depicted in the advertisement and say, "Hey! Look!  You're being associated with hate!"

The shocking thing here is not that bored ugly women are yet again spending their time destroying liberty.  That sad tale is a historical theme we won't soon be shed of.  No... the shocking thing here... is that these corporations actually take these bored ugly women seriously.

The most amusing thing to me about this whole sordid affair though... is the logo of the Bored Ugly Women.


I mean... if I were going to design logos to mock Bored Ugly Women... it wouldn't look exactly like this.  But, it would be really close.


Vidad said...

Some magnesium might help, too. Taking care of that deficiency is supposed to restore a general sense of well-being.

And... that logo. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

All the WAM! logos must be seen to be believed. MUST...BE...SEEN

Nate said...

Giant stupid. Like Lego hasn't tried dozens of times to market to girls.

Girls don't give a damn about legos.

Nate said...

we need some photoshop rape of the WAM logo.

Someone get on that.

Susan said...

The ugliest women I have ever seen were and are usually associated with Code Pink. Ugly must be a requirement for membership because in terms of ugly, those are hags for the ages.

I am really disappointed in the artist's ability here. That is not as ugly as I had hoped. Although I do see a hint of saggy sisters though.

Nate said...

i can't decide if that's a saggy tit... or a spare tire.

Vidad said...

Is that Groucho Marx in the wheelchair?

Vidad said...

"Clockwise from the top left: Laqwanda Jefferson, the Super Stereotypical Angry Black Woman; Porkulla, the Marvelous Bespectacled Transgendered Person of Color (Crippled Edition); Agent Janet Dyke S.W.P.L; Laqwanda (again); Tina Marie Vasectomez, La Raza Community Organizer Extraordinaire."

Anonymous said...

Vidad's comment, For The Win.

A bit early to call this thread dead, but it'll be tough to top that one.

Anonymous said...

I loved legos. But the company's attempts to make girls' legos really annoy me. I wanted more colors of bricks & building parts, and more girl lego people. They make big pink pieces so you can build a house in 30 seconds. For the girls who don't have enough creativity to build anything themselves. Bah!

Kiwi the Geek

Susan said...

Good one Vidad. Those are definitely saggy sisters on the flying monkey woman. The flying monkey woman on the far right looks like Madcow on her bad hair days.

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