Friday, September 20, 2013

ATF: Breakin' Clays, Smokin' Cigars, and sippin' fine bourbon

Title says it all don't it?   see it was my wife's birthday this week and being the fine husband that I am... I got her a Beretta Silver Pigeon S.  That's a fancy over under shotgun for them what don't know.

It looks like this.

I'll pause a moment.

So we spent the even with our closest friends.  I honestly cannot possibly complain.

A:  Octoberfest and later.. Russel's Reserve.

T:  Arturo Fuente.  Don't break clays without one.

F:  Obviously the beretta mentioned above... and also a sweet little CZ 920.  Autoloader in 20 guage.  Just a pleasure to shoot.  Not like the Silver Pigeon... which is more like.. shooting your fantasy.

here's the link for the show kids.  Y'all come!


Raggededge said...

I have that bad boy in a 28. Dove slayer is what I like to call it.

Anonymous said...

I just left you a different number to call me at. Check your e-mail.


Nate said...

to many doves around here for that. that's what the auto guns are for.

Anonymous said...

A: Angel's Envy

T: Rocky Patel Freedom (appropriately enough)

F: Colt AR-15 SP1


Anonymous said...

Six, some of those old ammo boxes and ammo are worth quite a bit.


Raggededge said...

Speaking of drinking Bourbon. You're the one that turned me on to using distilled water and now you're a neat or your a pussy kind of guy. What happened?

Anonymous said...

Is Six smoking?

Raggededge said...

Nate, have you drank any of the white Maker's?

Russ said...

A: Elijah Craig.

T: Pipe Tobacco

F: I'm a glock guy, but I gotta admit the XDs 9 is a sweet little shooter.

Raggededge said...

Another recurring theme...Tennessee is fucking awesome.

Nate said...

hey! I didn't turn anyone on to spring water! I said that it was an accepted practice in the bourbon community! I don't do it! I don't advocate it!

Raggededge said...

And, I quote...

Quick shot of ice cold distilled water... ahhh... Look y'all... while I'm here.. let me just say... go buy a gallon of distilled water. I'll put it up against any spring or filtered water you can find. but back to the booze.

Just sayin...

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

A: Maker's
T: Gurkha Ghost
F: CZ-352, Hawk 982 12-gauge

Anonymous said...

Regarding your humidor humidity:

Try a piece of pantyhose with silica cat litter in it. It will release moisture, or absorb it, depending on the ambient humidity. My coolidors sit at about 65 percent RH all the time using this. I got a 7 pound bag at Kroger for less than 10 dollars, and have only used 20 percent or so. The silica kitty litter is the elcheapo cigar beads, basically.

BTW, I will be sending you a bill for turning me into a cigaraholic, Nate. (I was already a kind of a bourbon nut and a hopeless gun nut, i.e. I opened up a gun shop with two of my brothers, so...)

My lawyer will be in touch.

Warmest regards,


Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot: When the RH starts to drop, I just spritz some of the beads with a miser bottle filled with distilled water - distilled to prevent mold, of course.



Anonymous said...

Dammit, mister bottle, not miser.

Nate said...

"Quick shot of ice cold distilled water... ahhh... Look y'all... while I'm here.. let me just say... go buy a gallon of distilled water. I'll put it up against any spring or filtered water you can find. but back to the booze."

Goddammit! In the immortal words of Vince Young... I was takin' outta text!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Who!! Hope you had a great one, and here's to a great coming year for you.

Outlaw X said...

You don't want to drink distilled water if you don't have too. For reasons chemical and electrons, water is a great solvent. If it is not already bound to some minerals it will strip them out of your body and that is not good. OK to mix distilled water with minerals and then drink it but don't drink plain distilled water on any regular basis.

Everything I said is backed up with science, all one has to do is a little research.

cheddarman said...

Happy birthday Dr. Who!

Nate, I want to see and hear you start preaching. Enough of this worthless crap about SEC football.

We need some alphas in the pulpit, preaching the whole gospel. I would probably move down there just to be in your amen corner.



Nate said...


That's disturbing.

Even more disturbing... you're not the first to say it.

cheddarman said...


I did not say that lightly.

I don't consider it disturbing news, rather, a possible call to war. And I don't see you as a man who would run from such a call.



Guitar Man said...

Pastor Nate?

WaterBoy said...

Of course, he'd have to give up the drinkin', and the smokin', and the cussin'...but most importantly, the harem.

I don't think havin' a harem is all that pastoral.