Friday, September 13, 2013

ATF: Putin... Syria... and Doughnuts

Well its that time again...  you can expect some syria talk.... and I'm sure we'll be mocking Obama... and pretty much everyone else too...


A:  Guinness Extra Stout.  Because.  Guinness.  Extra Stout.

T:  Saving my smokes until after Bama smokes Texas A&M.

F: CZ something or other.   Shhhh....  its a secret.

Here's the link.  Y'all enjoy.

Also...  please take a look at these two morons.   Honestly... if you shoot this bad... you suck.  You suck so bad you should in fact give your firearms to someone who doesn't suck.  I hate possums... but the idiocy in this video makes me want to kill these two pieces of shit.


Russ said...

A: Mexican Beers; pretty boring.

T: Something called "Old World Reserve." My buddy got a raise and came over with a couple of em. They're those flat-pressed stogies. Good taste- nutty, but loosely packed, so they burned down quick.

F: Hi-Point 9mm...

Just kidding.

BTW have you ever heard of a gun called a Caracal? I guess the guy behind the Steyr M9 designed them, and claims they're his best gun yet. I guess there's some kind of safety recall on them. Not sure why.

Nate said...

there are all kinds of recalls right now.

Caracals are extremely nice little weapons.

mmaier2112 said...

That sounds like fun.

mmaier2112 said...

Some of us are busy drinking MM. I don't think I should be handling any firearms whilst doing so, though. :)

Nate said...



mmaier2112 said...

OK, I'm a natural klutz. If you want me DEAD... sure... I'll go play with my .45.

Nate said...

FINALLY... a show that didn't fall apart because of technical issues.

Outlaw X said...

I have had the rope tobacco, never made me sick, but it hard to find me without a dip of Red Seal in mouth except in church or bed. But I don't spit except to spit it out. Going to have to try the Bourbon soaking thing, sounds good.

ConantheCimmerian said...

Gig'em Aggies.

Farmers fight!
Farmers fight!
Fight! Fight!
Farmers, farmers fight!

Squads left! squads right!
Farmers, farmers, we’re all right!
Load, ready, aim, fire, BOOM!
A&M, give us room!

jm said...

Bama looking unsteady at the moment.

ConantheCimmerian said...

Looks like Alabama might be asleep for this one. If they don't wake up soon this could get mighty ugly.

Gig'em aggies and beet the hell outta Alabama.

jm said...

Scoreline now looks more like the Big-12 than the SEC.

jm said...

A&M ain't going out quietly, that's for sure.

ConantheCimmerian said...

Congrats Bama and Bama fans.
Exciting game

cheddarman said...

Nate, i would cheer for any team that had you as a mascot



allyn71 said...

Surprised they didn't miss that damn rodent wannabe with the last shot also.

As far as A&M vs. Alabama, well lucky for 'bama A&M spent all their booster money buying Manziel and didn't have any left for defense. If Alabama wants to make it three in a row they are gonna have to clean up that secondary.

cheddarman said...

Nate, are you a communist? Karl Marx said sports are the opiate of the masses

I graduated from Ohio State University with all my damn degrees.
I would trade them all for a degree from Outlaw X University.



Outlaw X said...


If communism is one magnetic pole, the opposite pole is where Nate resides. Nate is the last Commie.

If you want a degree from Outlaw X university I'll give you one. Believe in God first then believe in yourself. Expect no one to be nice to you at work or in the world. Morning broke when you were born and now it is high in the sky and you are sweating wondering how long it will be until you get to lay down your hoe at dusk when it cools off.

Your time is coming worry not the sun will set on us all and we will lay down the hoe and go home. Outlaw X University says work while you can and as sure as the morning came the sun will set. Don't be bitter be nice. When people treat you bad ignore it, when people treat you good remember it.

Live, love, work and don't take yourself to seriously. Make friends avoid enemies and try to be a good man. That is Outlaw X University.

Take care of yourself and know that the sun will set so make hay while the sun shines.

And smile, Damn it.

MacLaren said...

"Live, love, work and don't take yourself to seriously. Make friends avoid enemies and try to be a good man. That is Outlaw X University."

Sounds a lot better than my Alma mater.