Thursday, September 05, 2013

Pictures... 1000 words...

Photo: Communist Party USA convention - 1939, Chicago -

National Communist Party Convention, Chicago 1939

That face sure looks familiar doesn't it?


Susan said...

Your surfing sure turns up some fascinating stuff. Kudos.

OT: Regarding Anonagain over at VD's, Nate is that really Taylor?? Taylor from your harem??

She always had that passionate Latin thing going, but she has really taken a turn. After that little hissy fit on VD's, I am having a problem grasping this.

Nate said...

Taylor wasn't always psycho. She used to have a temper... but she used to not take herself nearly so seriously.

Now... anything but total submission to her results in a total KABOOM.

I dunno... this started with her a couple years ago. And believe it or not... she's actually more sane now than she was 16 months ago.

Vidad said...

I think I see Glenn Beck up there!

WaterBoy said...

What's this, now, gossip? On a manblog?


Daniel said...

If Lincoln, Astro-Boy and Klaus Nomi had a child...

Now that I think about it, it looks a little like Scalzi.

Outlaw X said...



I had an invasion of ants in the house (June). And for some reason they were coming upstairs through the front door. I read an article that said ant's see cornmeal as food and they do. I spread a 1/4 cup of cornmeal at the bottom of the stairs and they were hauling it away three ago and they disappeared because they cannot digest it. They are back now in September trying to stock their bed with food and I am feeding them again. They will all die this winter and will never have to use a poison.

Susan said...


I have been having problem with ants too. I used some instant grits in one cupboard and that worked great. The rough texture irritates their bodies, that is why they don't walk over it. Didn't know about the cornmeal, thanks.


Obviously you didn't read the meltdown over at VD's place. It was a doozy. She even insulted Outlaw. When Nate said it was Taylor, I had to find out.

Thanks for the response Nate. She admitted once that she had some mental/emo issues that she was dealing with. If this current version is sane, I am glad I missed the crazy one.

Susan said...


Certain varieties of ants also like jam mixed with just a bit of borax powder. They take it back to their nest and it kills them too.

WaterBoy said...

@ Susan

Yes, I saw it.

Outlaw X said...

@ Susan

Put down a 1/4 cup of cornmeal as close to the ingress you can find of the ants and where they are going where people won't step and slips on that slick stuff. They will pile up around the cornmeal and may spread out a bit but not much. Like gold miners in a gold mine. Vacuum it up every third or fourth day depending on your climate with the ants as the cornmeal attracts moisture Re-apply. In less than two weeks they will be gone completely.

Hope this helps, your friend, Outlaw.