Friday, September 06, 2013

ATF! We.... hope?

Ok so theoretically we have a show that goes live at 9pm central.  Of course the last few times we've tried it have been a total trainwreck for around the first ten minutes because of either Blogtalk... or skype... or both.

So tune in anyway because... I mean honestly you just never know what could happen.  I could be there... or not.  Or Six could be there all alone or hell... everything could go fine.

its the proverbial box of chocolates...  except it may suck.  Ya never know.

Anyway screw it... its friday.. World War III is about to kick into high gear... the student loan bubble is starting to burst... and wal-mart employees want 25 bucks an hour.

And you wonder why we drink?

A:  46.  And Bookers.  But not mixed together.  Separate.

T:  I am slacking here.  I am not smoking... and really... I need to be dammit.

F: Shotguns kids!  We're talking shotguns and deer rifles.  What was your first deer rifle?  or what did you take your first deer with?  Do you shoot trap or clays?  Pheasants?  Double gun or Semi auto?  Me?  Beretta 626.

Here's the link... for what its worth.

Y'all come.


Vidad said...

You know, I never got a chance to go deer hunting. I do have cigars, though. Maybe I'll light one up for the show.

Hope the program works well...

Nate said...

you and me both brother

Anonymous said...

Just a tech note:
Nate was breaking up at the beginning of the show. Six sounded fine the whole time.
When Six was saying he couldn't hear Nate, I was hearing Nate fine the whole time.
Don't know what that means, but that was my observation listening live.

A: Noah's Mill - good, but overpriced. Will not buy again.
T: Man O War Robusto #1
F: Browning Citori in 12ga

Re the show:
Kel-Tecs are cool.
And I love my smith revolvers...


Russ said...

The only thing the F35 can do is launch missiles off boresight.

You're right, it's not replacing the A10. It can be shot down by an AK.

Outlaw X said...

Good show Nate, I started to call in and tell a good story of recent about hunting of my Bro but I figure you guys are doing just fine, You and Vidad keep me laughing.

Outlaw X said...

Besides the NSA already know the hunting story. hehehehe.

Nate said...

hehehehehe... the Feds have all the fun.

Giraffe said...

Got my first deer with a remington 788 in .22-250. Not the best deer cartridge, but I killed about a dozen with it.

I have used: 22-250, 12 gauge slugs, .243 win, 270 win, 7mm wsm, and .30-06.

As for shotguns, I have a couple 870's I use mostly. One is a 3.5 inch, and one is 3 inch.

Res Ipsa said...

A: None

T: Have a Macanudo but didn't get around to it.

F: First deer gun was a 300 Savage. Never shot a deer with it. I took my first deer with a Mauser 30.06 also shot my first Antelope with it. I like sporting clays better than skeet or trap, but I like trap over skeet. I've killed more birds and small game with a 12 gauge 500 Mossberg than anything else, but I love hunting with my 16 gauge O/U. The 16 is a true gentleman's shotgun and the o/u exudes class. The only thing missing is the GWP, which I bought a new pup this summer and am working on training him. He won't be ready this season, but I'm hopeful for next.

Snickers said...

Shot my first deer with 788 Remington in .308, more of killing than hunting. I got bored so I was shooting random things and this deer pops over the hill to see what was making all the noise. One shot @ 75 yards.