Friday, December 27, 2013

ATF: The Year in Review

Light up kids.  We're gonna take you back and hit the highlights... but mostly the low lights... of 2013... and we'll tell you about all the suck you have to look forward to in 2014.

drink up.  You're gonna need it.

I also have a very special surprise for you tonight.  You're gonna like this.

A: Shiner Premium... and probably a lot of bourbon.

T: Still on those HAVOC's .  mmmmmm  Yummy.

F: Gonna go with the Savage 99 in 308.  For obvious reasons.  Why they aren't still making these... I will never know.  Can I get one in 458 win mag?  416 rigby?  Africa calls.  Also... a buddy called and asked what I thought about a Browning X Bolt in 280 remington.  I've never shot an x-bolt but I very much appreciated the performance and economy of the A-Bolt.    And as far as I'm concerned... the fact that the 280 Remington never took over the US hunting market is just proof that MPAI.

Here's the link to the show.  Y'all come.


Raggededge said...

A: I'm going to work my way through several bourbons tonight. Starting with good ole Maker's.

T: Meh, not tonight

F: AR-15, Spikes Tactical upper, homemade lower.

Nate said...

spikes... mmmmmm....

We should have the Great AR manufacturer debate...

except everyone will say... "spikes"... and then just kind of nod.

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

A: Makers, Shiner Holiday Cheer
T: With my mom, oncology nurse, don't need the lecture.
F: Remington 700 .30-06 because it pisses Nate off, Taurus PT-1911 in a rattlesnake holster.

Vidad said...

A: Concha y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon
T: Romea y Julieta "House of Montague" maduro
F: Kobalt razor blade knife.

Nate said...

I don't know which is more Bloggerblaster... the Kobalt razor blade... or the rattlesnake 1911 holster...

Big Bub said...

A: Glenfiddich 21. Yes, scotch.
T: Back to camel lights. I was raised on em, so that's how it is.
F: None tonight, I got a stack of work I'm trying to blaze through; hope the show will provide some good vibes on the side.

patrick kelly said...

A: R&R Reserve

T: Some ugly dark Montecino ( A Fuente brand) maduro somethin.

F: Kel-Tec P32

Only 3 pullups? I can do 16 when I'm fresh.

patrick kelly said...

I have snatched a skeeter out of the the bed....half tracking the buzzing I'm getting old, can't do it much lately......

My eyes have gone to crap over the last 20 years....

Are Spikes lowers and BCG as pretty as Colts?

Nate said...

they're pretty. and they're more accurate.

Nate said...

they also have things like spiders and pirates and punisher emblems on them

Vidad said...

"Glenfiddich 21. Yes, scotch."

That's good stuff. I like it. A lot.

Have a great 2014, folks. If I have half as much fun this next year as I did in 2013, I'll be completely content.

Anonymous said...

Late, dammit. Listening to replay.

A: Sam Adams Seasonal Cherry Chocolate Bock (part of a sampler). Knob Creek chaser.

T: Camacho Maduro

F: Scoped High Standard M109 Supermatic Tournament 60's vintage (my backup bullseye gun)


I won't lie, I thought Zoolander w/Stiller was funny.

rycamor said...

A: 1) Apothic Red (nice Cali wine), 2) Knob Creek
T: One of those Onyx Reserves (thanks Vidad)
F: My own fiery disposition

Although I have to agree, my favorite thing to drink with a cigar is a nice laid-back beer.

And yes, I have noticed for *years* that beer tastes best after you have worked your ass off. Same with cigars, actually.

rycamor said...

Re: pullups, I was in a mass try-out for a local firefighting squad when I was 19. This being the mid-80s, the push had come to get more women into the squad. Part of the physical test was that you had to do either 3 pullups OR you could do a 20-ft hand-over-hand rope climb. Not having a 20-ft rope, I had just worked myself out with lots of pullups. So being young and full of testosterone, I chose to try the rope climb. Out of about 180 men and 20 women, there was only one other guy who tried the rope climb. I swarmed up the thing hand-over-hand, surprising myself how easy it was. The other guy kicked and struggled but managed it. Then I went over to see the fun at the pullup bar.

Most guys handled it fine. Most of the girls failed completely, some not even managing one, but there were 3 extremely fit girls who did fine, and in fact one of them looked like she could have knocked off 10. Then there were a few dudes who kicked and struggled and couldn't even get a chin over the bar.

The fit girls did great at all the other physical challenges, and THEN we got to a real-world test carrying a rope dummy 50 yards. I think only ONE guy failed it (I literally sprinted it with the dummy over my shoulder). But not one girl was able to complete the test without assistance. The guys running the deal kept going over and sweet-talking them, helping them position it better... I think one girl finally was able to finish by draping it over her shoulders and crawling to the finish line, before collapsing flat.

Did I or any of the top-tier guys make the squad? Nope. There were 3 positions, and each of them went to one of the three fit girls. Last time I applied to any government job, ever.

Stilicho said...

Sorry I missed the show. Sick as a dog. Cheddarman: what is your buffer design (how does it reduce recoil)? In the meantime,Ol' Remus has a good post up:

Hawken .50 (fixing it for my dad)

Stilicho said...

Cool song by Lewis. Too bad Waylon never covered it, it would have been perfect for him.

Outlaw X said...

EPA is trying to ban lead bullets.

Outlaw X said...

You are right about tortured souls and art. This is one of my favorite songwriters.

He had rough time

Outlaw X said...

Here is another.

Just proving your point.


I was also sick during your last show. A lot of people don't know what these people went through. Your attitude can change either gradually or quickly in time. Some time I'll send you my latest. Nashville is a harsh place and no place for a song writer of any ethical balance used to go their every year to pitch songs.

patrick kelly said...

"they also have things like spiders and pirates and punisher emblems on them"

What if I want bunnies and butterflies?

Seriously, I have a good upper and bcg, but I'd like to upgrade the lower and parts, especially the trigger group.

This build is from me learning how to put something together relatively quick and cheap.

Considering that, it's pretty good, but the lower has the most room for improvement.

So, out of the current bunch o boutique rifles, you think the Spikes stuff is the best bang for the buck?

Raggededge said...

So, out of the current bunch o boutique rifles, you think the Spikes stuff is the best bang for the buck?

It's really nice stuff. You can get a Spikes lower with a parts kit for around $200. It's going to be hard to do better than that.

Nate said...

I think without question... right now... its spikes.. and everyone else.

of course I always get the top end spikes stuff.

cheddarman said...


No offense intended, but i cant divulge the recoil buffer mechanism until i get it built, tested and patent protected. I hope to do all of that in the 1st quarter of 2014.

it is a different approach than everything else out there.



mmaier2112 said...

Hmmmm.... I tend like certain dark and spicy rums and Bourbons with a cigar. I don't smoke expensive cigars but Makers or a Gosling Black Seal rum is good with a Arturo Fuente (IF I can find a good one).

mmaier2112 said...
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WaterBoy said...

Listening to the recorded show now.

A: Glenmorangie 10yo
T: JdN Maduro
F: Yes

RE: John Cusack...Gross Pointe Blank. 'Nuff said.

WaterBoy said...

Vidad: "#4: Restrict voting to male landowners who pay taxes.

#6: Eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, Medicaid, and all welfare.

#12: Eliminate all property taxes.

#13: Remove all unconstitutional laws and return power to the States.

#14: Abolish the IRS and all income taxes.

Not that I disagree with your recommendations, but there appear to be a couple of inconsistencies:

- If you abolish property taxes, SS/Medicare taxes, and income taxes, what taxes are left for those male landowners to pay, but sales and use taxes? And since nearly everybody pays those taxes, can't you drop the taxes provision and just say "male landowners?

- Property taxes are typically levied by counties, anyway, not the Federal government. If you return power to the states, then it would be up to each state to make the rules for property taxes, so recommendation #12 is in conflict with #13.

WaterBoy said...

Anyway, good show y'all, and hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year.

Nate said...

There are certain powers even states and local governments should not have.

Property tax is one of them.

I would've changed 14 to "Abolish all direct taxation".

Vidad said...

"just say "male landowners?"

Consider it done.

The main point is that the voter must be personally invested in the nation in some way, i.e. a shareholder. There should probably be a minimum parcel size as well.

And yes - property taxes, no matter who levies them, mean that land ownership is in the hands of the state, not the individual. You may have the right to use the land... but you're renting from the government.

WaterBoy said...

Nate: "There are certain powers even states and local governments should not have.

Property tax is one of them.

Po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to. If it wasn't an annual property tax, it would be a tax on the sale of the property, instead, which could end up costing far more in the long run depending on how long you hold the property.

Governments are going to tax, to generate revenue. This is unavoidable. Sure, it would be preferable if they did not, but I hear tell that unicorn farts smell wonderful, too.

WaterBoy said...

Vidad: "There should probably be a minimum parcel size as well."

Or valuation. It's possible to own multiple properties in a city which comprise very little total land area, but are valued well over the cost of a large parcel in the country.

Vidad: "You may have the right to use the land... but you're renting from the government."

I know this is a common refrain, but it is one with which I generally disagree, for the simple reason that a contractor attaching a handyman's lien against one's home to ensure payment for his work doesn't give him ownership of that home, either. It takes a civil court action to do that, same as it does with the government. It may be semantical, but it does make a difference.

With one very notable exception: there apparently is a program out there for low-income homebuyers, in which the government provides a percentage of the funds to buy the property and retains ownership of the land, while the buyer pays for and takes title to the house. And if the property is sold, of course, the government gets their share back.