Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Evidence of Superior Civilization

I am often asked if things really are that different in the South...  as if it is just some giant group delusion or something.

To answer the question I've decided to simply post a picture.  And you can answer yourself.  Is this the kind of thing you see displayed on the wall menu of sandwich shops in your part of the country?

An yes this is real.  I took it myself at A Taste of Philly in Pensacola.  Do take the time to read the firearms sign completely.


Res Ipsa said...

Yes we have signs like that. Mostly we don't need them.

On a more important note. I just got in from work and had a package waiting for me. Cigars International sent me the web special Gurkha Spec Ops kit that toothy recommended on the last post.

The kit contained a "pelican like" case as a humidor, a fancy looking k-bar type knife and leg holster AND 20 Gurkha Spec Ops cigars. A quick review:

The knife is crap. It looks cool but I have sharper butter knifes. If I think about it, I'll try to put an edge on it sometime. The case is "pelican like" only in the sense that it is black and has a handle. That doesn't matter though, its better than my old method of cigar storage and it seems to be elk camp friendly, meaning I can toss it in the truck and go without worrying about my cigars arriving crushed. The best part of the whole deal is the 20 cigars. Considering that I can't get any kind of Gurkha around here ever finding them at $5 is a steal. The other goodies didn't matter to me anyway and weren't a consideration when I placed my order.

I'm going to have to wait to smoke them. Its been cold and very dry, so I'll fill up the humidor with water and let them rehydrate for a day or so. If they are as good as the Warlord I'm sure I'll enjoy them.

Guitar Man said...

Around me, some of the most common sense places are the delis and sandwich shops. Guy I frequent constantly has stuff on his wall that berates Obama or his initiatives. This isn't too different than what I've seen.

Nate said...

wierd... That sounds like the same special edition kit I got a couple years ago. Except when I got mine... it was an actual pelican case... and I could shave with the knife.

The knife isn't a rockstar piece by any stretch.. Comparing it to say... A SOG SEAL Team... its not up to snuff.

On the other hand... I certainly wouldn't appreciate being stuck with it.

Nate said...

I'm starting to wonder if the owners don't go out of their way to show their We're-Not-Yankee credentials because the place is named "A Taste of Philly" or something like that.

Vidad said...

This makes me proud to be Floridian.

The state is by no means cohesive in its stand against tyranny thanks to the very southern tip of the peninsula... but from Orlando on North we're full of hardcore freedom lovers.

Nate said...

I'm a big fan of the Redneck Riviera... from mississippi all the way to tampa.

and I'll put the beaches in destin up against any in the world.

Water is clear like the Bahamas.

Vidad said...

Preach it!

Of course, the very best climate is in the most liberal portion... but the rest of the state still beats the living daylights out of almost anything further North.

If we could just grow mangoes here...

Nate said...

we got nectarines. hell with mangos.

Vidad said...

@#$% nectarines.

WaterBoy said...

Res Ipsa: "Mostly we don't need them."

Yep. Round here, it's OK to carry into any place unless they post a sign to the contrary. (Usual exceptions for government buildings, of course. Pussies.)

There's still a few places that do post signs like that, though -- it's usually businesses that specifically don't want a liberal clientelle, and the sign is supposed to scare them away.

Res Ipsa said...

it was an actual pelican case

I thought you had said that a while back. It's not like they are going to send out a lot of $50 cases with $50 knifes with $100 worth of $5 cigars AND pay the shipping for $99.99. I could have lived without the knife but I would have loved to have had a better case. Either way though its an improvement over my old system and I'm sure I'm going to like the cigars.

Nate said...

"Yep. Round here, it's OK to carry into any place unless they post a sign to the contrary. (Usual exceptions for government buildings, of course. Pussies.)"


its not that the sign is needed to meet some legal requirement.

come on.

WaterBoy said...

Nate: "its not that the sign is needed to meet some legal requirement."

Understood; it's mostly to let carriers know they are welcome.

Which, as Res Ipsa noted, is the default state in this area.

Like you said, they probably do it largely to counter the notion that they're Yankees.

Nate said...

its the default down here to.