Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wisdom from the Redneck Sage

no... that's not a moniker I self apply.  I'm talking about Outlaw X.

A couple days ago our buddy Vox put up a glorious eulogy to a friend he lost.  In the comments...  Outlaw X said something that I think pretty damned profound and ...  and maybe even timely for someone.

Everyone needs to hear this.  Some of us need to hear it now.

This gives me a chance to say something I have been wanting to say to people on this blog. From your early 40's to your mid 50"s expect the hammer to fall in your sight. I don't mean death but it could be anything. It is a purging of the soul and recorded in the mind and probably your last chance to change for your own good. I have watched it all through my life and have noticed this to be a seemly an imperative of God or fate. It always happens. There are many names for it, some call it a mid-life crises, it could be a health, financial, marriage or family issue. It is as if you make it there it becomes an inevitable fact of life..

I suggest people recognize this and understand why it happens and move on with the wisdom of what has happened rather than why it happened. When you loose friends, family members or any loss that really disturbs you remember there is a reason and just be patient, sober and think. And it will become clear to you in Gods own time. 


Nate said...

Third? To a serial killer and a no account texan?

I am depressed.

Nate said...

You haven't reached that state of eccentricity that Bane and Outlaw X have. I have always been more fond of the character actors in a production, rather then the "star" of the show.

Besides, you didn't take on porn stache on his own turf. Not that you wouldn't/couldn't, I'm just saying. Although that go-round you had with that newspaper blog in TN was inspiring. 4 against 1 was decent odds.

I wish there was a way you could have posted that all on your blog. It truly was epic Nate, right up there with Outlaw pwning Medved on his own show.

Nate said...


so much was lost...

I look back and see all these blank comment sections and I'm like... wait... most of these had 100+ comments. many had many times more than that.


Susan said...

Nate, how did your name get on my comment?

Susan said...

Did I type your name instead of mine? Holy cow! I guess I haven't had enough caffeine yet today.

Good grief.

Nate said...

see? you have a bigger crush on me than you thought.

Nate* said...

Susan: "Did I type your name instead of mine? Holy cow!"

I'm sorry, but that is absolutely the funniest thing I have read all week.

Freud would have a field day with this.

*Yes, it's intentional.

Outlaw X said...

Third? To a serial killer and a no account texan?

Corn Flakes.

Susan said...

Chalk it up to being left to our own devices in the comment section for the past several days. Don't get cocky.

Personally, I was hoping Jeb got to go hunting again and finally bag himself something. Reading your hunting tales with Jeb makes me think about my maternal grandfather who was a great hunter and guide.

Outlaw X said...

Don't get cocky.

Nate is one I always read and anything his big bro JACIII has to say. I never liked Bane, but the CH Bros are my friends on the internet and think the world of both of them.

Nate said...


We loves you to Outlaw.

but that don't mean we're gonna be taking long hot showers together or nothing.

Susan said...

I liked and respected Bane in the same way that one can admire the beauty of a big crouching tiger who is waiting and lurking in the shadows to devour the unsuspecting passerby.

Plus I actually used to live approx. 20 minutes north of him when he was still amongst the living.

Nate* said...

Nate: "but that don't mean we're gonna be taking long hot showers together or nothing."

Yep, because there's only one loofa.

cheddarman said...


1) when is the next show?

2) I turned my drawings for the AR-10 recoil buffer over to the machinist, he said it would be about a month for him to finish it, as he is doing it as a side project.

3) Via con Dios, Outlaw-X!



Nate said...