Friday, March 14, 2014

ATF: On to Seven

Ok kids...  its that time again.  Its been a big week here at the ol' blog...  which is not getting up to 1900 visitors an hour... making it of and on one of the most visited blogs on the whole internets.  And on top of all that... Six is now Seven.

So light up... raise a glass...  the family is a little bigger today... and that's never bad news.

A: Fat Tire Amber Ale.  I'm undecided.  Its not bad.  I'm just undecided.

T: I am on a huge rocky patel kick.. and today is no different.  Rocky never disappoints. Tonight its a Rock Patel Rosado.  its not one of his rock star cigars but its solid... and it was sitting right there.  This one is a little sketchy... if you smoke it to fast it turns bitter.  If you take your time and smoke it like a civilized man...  it will reward ya.

F: Henry Mini-Bolt.   Birthday coming up.

Here's the link y'all

Here.... note the lyrics... and the name...


Res Ipsa said...

"If you take your time and smoke it like a civilized man..."

I never rush a smoke.

I'm still stuck at work and will be for the duration of the evening. No A, T, and the F is concealed.

Congrats on #7!

Raggededge said...

A: WT Kentucky Spirit

T: Marlboro

F: Kimber Pro Carry II. So my buddy sells me this thing cheap, so I say what the hell. First time I field strip this piece of shit, it calls for a Kimber Breakdown Tool. This tool has the consistency of a paperclip. Who is the fucking numbnuts that thought that this was a brilliant idea?

Nate said...

"My buddy sells me this thing cheap"

I wonder why?

Damn man... it says Kimber right there on the slide.

How many posts on Why Kimber Sucks do I have to write?

Viidad said...

A: Martini
T: Had an Iron Horse today. Good.
F: A full quiver.

Raggededge said...

One good thing about owning a Kimber, there are plenty of dumbasses that will gladly take it off of my hands.

Nate said...

ain't it the truth. Probably make some money on it too.

Ralph The Singer said...

A: Fiddich 21. For old time's sake, one of my old mentor's favorites before he died.
Nate, you tried the shift lager? Thoughts?

T: Rocky patel sounds damn fine right now, but I'm doing hand-rolled with a friends home-grown. Not bad by any means.

F: Looking over some ordering options tonight. Various things.

Nate, if you can work it in, please talk about your comment over at Vox's about Ukraine being in your favor (I believe) for hyper-inflation.

Ralph The Singer said...

and thanks.

Russ said...

Nate. I'm a recent reader. I did not see any posts about why Kimber sucks. Why not link us to a past post explaining your rationale.

A: Some kind of red wine. I don't always pick what we're drinking.

T: I found an ancient cigar in the humidor. I'll try it. Probably bad. Will switch to pipe tobacco if I need to.

F: Sphinx 9mm. It's Swiss. It's expensive. One day...

OT. Index funds like the VTSAX. Good idea? I'm a silver guy, but I've heard there's wisdom in the index funds.

Stilicho said...

Smoke the turkey for about two hours, enough to get the hickory flavor and seal the outside, take it off, shove some butter up its ass, cover it, and finish cooking it in the oven. You don't need 18 hours.

Nate said...


Nate said...

what the hell just happened?

Russ said...

I heard it too.

Nate said...

ok... we're going to have to do something else...

Blogtalk has pissed me off for the last time.

Viidad said...

"You know who the ATF show is sponsored by - "

"Thank you for using Blogtalk Radio. Goodbye."

Nate said...

and... as usual... the best stuff happens on the aftershow... which in this case.. was a phone call... after the show was over.


Outlaw X said...

Good show Nate, I especially like the silence :) Blogtalk hates yu, just get used to it, it like Six or seven, but know how will he see one. I sent you an email today with a video attached, forward it to six or seven soon to be nine. He is a better Catholic than my little bro. Any way watch the video, what is not explained is I have a non functioning kidney that was destroyed by radiation for cancer treatment then they used radiation to figure out just how bad it was. watch the mp4 video. and go figure. I am going to show it to my oncologist. I have a much longer one I did for him and did a short one so it would email, fuck Google and their YouTube. Taking my laptop next week and showing him. Really a good show though, throw the kimbers in the trash and buy a real gun with a r3eal scope Stop getting your guns out of cracker jack boxes people. I'll call again some time, right before I die and can't remember a damn thing because I am so F'ed up and that should entertain the crowd, when I start talking about aliens and ET's coming to visit me in my hallucinations. I lost a kidney now. Fuckers, hope the magnificent seven of Vidad don't see my foul language.

Nate said...

outlaw... I love you. I mean that. Every word.

I. Love. You.

always will.

one day we will meet under the care of our loving master.

Susan said...

Yep. Outlaw X is like the big brother of the blog that you always wished you had in your life for real. So sorry to hear about your kidney issues.

Outlaw, this might sound silly, but you won't be gone for me because you will occupy the same spot in my heart that Bane does.

I know how that sounds, but that is just the way I roll. Until I meet you in the presence of the Master, Outlaw X.

automatthew said...

Nate, approx how many listeners do you have? I might know of a peer to peer solution using WebRTC in the Chrome browser.

automatthew said...

I second the Outlaw X love-fest. I don't know you, but I recognize you, elder brother, and I expect to meet you one day or another in the resurrection.

Outlaw X said...

Thanks guys and guys and gals, I'm not really bitching just the facts. Life is an incredible ride - Ride Hard while you can.

Here is a little song I sent to my friends by a guy I never heard of, and he expresses my sentiments almost exactly. We got to fix it folks.

Cheddarman said...

Outlaw-X, I wont stop praying for you as long as you are this side of eternity. Via con Dios, amigo.



automatthew said...

I only recently discovered this hymn by Luther. It's ecumenical in a not-bad way.

Lord, keep us steadfast in Thy Word;
Curb those who fain by craft and sword
Would wrest the kingdom from Thy Son
And set at nought all he hath done.

Lord Jesus Christ, thy power make known,
For thou are Loud of lords alone;
Defend your holy Church that we
May sing your praise triumphantly.

O Comforter of priceless worth,
Send peace and unity on earth;
Support us in our final strife
And lead us out of death of life.

Outlaw X said...


Daily Closing of India and Pakistan Border Crossing. This is both fascinating and hysterical.

This Is how the border between India and Pakistan is closed every evening!

This is not a Monty Python comedy skit, but it does resemble one. Keep in mind that each of these countries has nuclear weapons!

Susan said...

We know you aren't Outlaw X. But we just have to show some extra respect to somebody who took on the porn 'stache on his own radio show and sent him running for the tall grass.

If you can earn respect and a free pass from Vox and Nate for doing that, you are aces in my book. Some people just leave a good mark on your heart Outlaw, and you are one.

cheddarman said...

Does anyone have a recording of Outlaw-X taking down El Pornostache?

that would be priceless.

Gecko said...

Finally got around to listening to this one and wanted to stop in to say that Seven was right on with his "cause and effect" hospital stuff.

I know it's totally anecdotal, but we've had two at home and two at the factory. Those doctors get their panties all in a bunch when something doesn't go exactly the way they expect it to - especially the younger ones. Not to sound all Hippie or anything, but they're just like the vaccination control freaks, climatologists, evolutionists, etc. They think they have to control every freaking little detail about anything "science." They just don't know how much they don't know about the way the world really works, and it makes the experience much worse than it really needs to be. /rant off

Congrats, Seven!

Viidad said...


Darn right.

And thank you.

Nate said...

actually kids... they know a great deal about what they don't know... and they know a great deal about what all can go wrong.

Perhaps you'd like to compare the morbidity and mortality rates of childbirth in places where home birth is common and where it isn't?

As I've always said.. as long as things go as planned... its fine.

Jeb and my wife both would've died if we'd been dumb enough to try to have him at home.

How's that for an anecdote?

Vidad said...

"Jeb and my wife both would've died if we'd been dumb enough to try to have him at home."

And another woman might have had her child die thanks to a disease contracted at the hospital.

There's little risk in either a home birth or a hospital birth, provided you get competent professionals. It's just that the latter is a f'ing circus of factory bullshit, and the former is a relatively nice experience.

rycamor said...

Outlaw, man... don't know what to say. But you have my prayers too.

AKA Gregg, Whitehorse, Equus Pallidus, and I'm sure a couple other names. One of the original Ilk.

Cheds, I know I have a recording somewhere of the Medved takedown. Was getting ready to archive and search some old disks, so I'll post it when I find it.

Susan said...

I had my first at home, no complications. But now with the home like birthing rooms right in the hospital, That is probably what I would have chosen. The comfort of a home like setting combined with the operating room just down the corridor.

I remember you talking about Jeb and Dr. Who once. That had to have been frightening. Would also make the rest of the kids even more of a blessing.

My situation was exactly the opposite. Had the first at home just fine, hade the second in the hospital with some mild complications. The midwives with my first actually worked for a doctor so I wasn't worried. If they had been on their own, I would agree with you about the hippy dippy part.

rycamor said...

Re: birthing, my wife was a labor & delivery nurse and after hearing some of the horror stories, I totally concur with Nate.

It doesn't have to be a circus if you have a good doctor on your side. We had our last baby in 2007, without insurance, and because we made a deal with the hospital to pay cash in advance, the whole thing only cost us $4000, including 12 hours of labor (yeah, wifie didn't win the lotto there) and an overnight stay afterwards. And because our doctor was who he was, no one messed with us... awesome.

HOWEVER, wifie also agrees that having babies born in the same building with sick people is suboptimal. Ideally a considerate society should have separate birthing centers (located near the hospital).

Gecko said...

Is this going to be on the list for the next ATF show? I might actually call in from the land of the Germanic Yanks.

Don't get me wrong, Nate. My sons wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our doctor and the hospital. I wasn't condemning the entire institution.

It's not like the comparison is black and white. Our midwife is required to maintain a certification, and she had to have a lot of experience assisting with childbirth to get it. She doesn't have a M.D., and there are some things she is not allowed to handle. That is why we were still required to visit an OB/GYN for rubber stamping during all the pregnancies and have him as a backup should a complication arise. And they did.

The thing is, because the proper precautions were taken, everything came out okay despite the complications. We planned to have home births for all four, but we weren't stupid enough to completely write off every medical advance that has lead to, as you said, much lower infant mortality.

That doesn't mean the medical community doesn't have it's share of stupid, though. Under normal circumstances, home births seem to be much healthier for both the mother and child. The honest doctors will admit that they should only be needed in the case of abnormality. The dishonest/careless ones jack you up with unnecessary junk so you can take a load off while they handle the rest. And I hope I don't need to get started on the whole vaccination thing.

I'm sure you'll agree, there's also the problem that when we give that community too much authority, they start telling you to kill your kids due to abnormalities/whateveryouwant. The infant mortality stats don't look quite as good in that light.

For the record, I've always thought our midwife is a total hippie. Can't argue with the results, though.

Vidad said...

Nate... you're totally full of it.

I don't know what midwives you know, but the ones we've worked with are trained medical pros.

F#$@ hospitals.

automatthew said...

Show tonight? I suggest Bitcoin as a topic.

automatthew said...

I'm with Viidad. The midwives who assisted at N-1 of my childrens' births are pros. I don't recall what official certifications they had.

On the other hand, the midwives who assisted at the first birth were both RNs, and they were nearly useless. The primary (in her 50s) was more interested in flirting with me than paying attention to the mother. The secondary was impatient and cursory. She spent about 5 minutes trying to help a first time mother learn to nurse, then gave up.

Nate said...


maternity wards are totally segregated from the rest of the hospital. The nurses don't work anywhere else in the hospital. The eqipment doesn't go anywhere else in the hospital.

There is no communication between "sick people" in the hospital and birthing mothers.

What do you think this 1950?

Birthing is a HUGE business. The rooms in the Mat Ward look like badass hotel suites. And there is a reason for that.

The only time when there is chaos is when things like... massive D-cells happen.

of course there's no chaos at home... BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW THE BABY IS DYING.

Nate said...


How do you get an epidural at home?

Midwives do epidurals now?


Just figure we should pretend its 1850 and pop 'em out with hot water and a towel?

automatthew said...

"How do you get an epidural at home?"

The exact same way I get vaccinations at home.

Gecko said...

If Nate needed a flask at the hospital, sounds like he'd need a keg or two at home.

Lana said...

Nope. There is chaos at the hospital when the doctor has too many patients at one time. Saw my first grandchild born and the nurse was holding her head in the birth canal while yelling at my DIL, don't push because the doctor was not in the room.

No one saw it but me, and I told her to stop that shit or I was going to knock her out of the chair. There are pros and cons of both, but I don't trust anyone at the hospital, ever. It's a good policy. I also completely agree that I wouldn't advise anyone to have first birth at home. You need to know what your dealing with before you even consider it.