Friday, May 16, 2014

ATF: News!

Ok... Ok... I'm late.  Sorry.  Had some friends that needed some help...  What kinda man don't show up to help a friend?  Exactly.

But I'm here now...  so... news.

I have decided to start accepting firearms related guest posts.  Collectively speaking we have literally metric ass loads (as opposed to imperial ass loads? its important that your ass loads be base 10?) of firearm knowledge.  And so I figure its time to start sharing it.

If you have a new weapon you want to write up a review on... or an interesting weapon you want to do a write up on... or other really cool firearms related type stuff...  shoot it to me in an email.  I'll post it here.

And of course... since its my blog...  Booze and Tobacco will also be open for reviews and discussion posts as well.

Things should get started off next week.  Our buddy Luke has a new Mossberg MVP Patrol in .308 and he's agreed to write something up after he takes her to the range Sunday.  Hopefully we'll even get some gun porn out of the deal.

So... send any submission here.

I'm pretty stoked kids.  I hope it works out.

A: Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve.   Oh man...

T: Fallen Angel.  This is an AJ Hernandez cigar...  dark thing. 6x50...  not for the faint of heart.  some kind of Sumatran wrapper.  If ya come across one give it a go.

F:  How about an old standby...  a customized Ruger 10/22...  with a drop in aftermarket trigger...  laminated thumbhole stock and a stainless bull barrel?  awwww.... sweet.


Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

A: Yuengling Summer Wheat. It's a weizen beer.

T: Gurkha Grand Reserve

F: Mossberg MVP Patrol in 7.62 NATO. Because friends don't let friends carry poodle shooters.

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

Oh and the barrel is indeed stamped "7.62mm NATO", not .308

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, Nate.
Can't wait to read the first review.

Any luck replacing Blogtalk yet?


Nate said...

none yet Toothy... I'm gonna have to figure something out. The obvious answer is a podcast... but without the ability to take calls its pointless.

Nate said...

Also... Toothy...

I will be expecting a submission.

Anonymous said...

I would be honored. Thank you.

WaterBoy said...

A: Sam Adams Escape Route; Dewar's Highlander Honey
T: Ghurka Ghost
F: Yes

Can't wait to read some of these guest posts -- you have quite a knowledgeable base to draw from.

Susan said...

Did you guys happen to see an article this week about how certain members of government are starting to show concern about....wait for it.........

People that build their own guns?!?!?!?!

Oh the evil! The horror!/sarc

Sounds like they are going to revisit some rules and regs about parts and tighten them up.

I was kind of surprised that you haven't posted anything about that end run around the 2nd yet. That would be an interesting post, I am sure.

I would think that any craftsman worth his beans could take a bit of steel and his shop equipment and still come up with a custom weapon. If they ever start making you guys register some of your more serious shop equipment, then I would be worried about the 2nd.

Nate said...

3d printers make their concerns impossible to address.

Not to mention the literally millions of drill presses and lathes out there.

John Williams said...

When they talk about 'ghost guns' that's what they're talking about, guns without serial numbers.

Anonymous said...

Test post

Allabaster said...

Interesting, I may have something to send through.

Athor Pel said...

Hmmm... gun related.

There's a website I've been reading for quite a while now.

It's neato.

Recently in the comments there someone mentioned a flickr page.

I spent most of a Saturday looking at those. Lots of very interesting stuff in there. It's almost all German WWI era postcards.

Here's another giving an example of a culture I had no idea existed.
German dueling fraternities.

Have fun.

Patrick Kelly said...

That 10/22 sounds nice, but then I couldn't always say, "pretty good for a stock 10/22" and would have to blame the fat ass group on something else....

MVP Patrol 7.62? Is that the short, 16" barrel one? Shot one just using the iron sights it comes with.

Not very comfortable, can't really get my eyes low enough, and it moves around a bit from the recoil, to say the least. A longer barrel with optics is probably better, but haven't tried one yet.

Oh, forgot, you probably hunt with it, I'm a target shooter, prone, long range most of the time. For a brush gun to get a snap shot off at that bear charging you or gator next to the boat good to go I guess.

Late to this party again, one of these Fri nights I'll be online at the right time...

cheddarman said...

Nate and company, i got a question for all of you about the hydraulic trigger concept. What do you think about a hydraulic linkage between the hammer and trigger that was completely sealed? No o-ring seals or places for the fluid to leak out?

I have a simple mechanism in mind that would be leakproof.

Would you buy a gun with a hydraulic trigger?



WaterBoy said...


Is there some advantage to a hydraulic trigger versus a mechanical one? If so, is it a lot or a little?

I confess I don't have as much knowledge about firearms as most everyone else here, but it seems like it's overcomplicating the system for a marginal -- if any -- gain, as well as introducing additional points of failure.

It's hard to imagine such a system as a linkage between the two ends that would be leakproof, if it has an external interface. It seems there would have to be a transition between the internal and external mechanisms.

Without knowing more, I would be hesitant to buy such a gun.

WaterBoy said...

BTW, an electronic firing mechanism would be right out for me. I've seen too many anomalies with static electricity on electronics to believe that any gun could be totally and completely grounded/protected to avoid such a thing.

I mean, sure there are ways to protect critical electronics such as are used on military weapon systems, satellites, and such...but they're not at all cost effective for a handgun or long gun.

Anonymous said...

Actually Waterboy, if your using electronics to drop a hammer, there is no way static could set it off - not enough current capability.

However, I don't know enough about electronic ignition hardware to speak intelligently about it in that case.


WaterBoy said...

Toothy, I was thinking more along the lines of shorting the control circuitry that triggers the hammer, rather than directly dropping the hammer itself. You'd have to insulate that circuitry totally, using non-conductive materials, to avoid a statically induced misfire.

Even then, the circuitry may be susceptible to shorts from tin whiskers, unless you stayed with lead solder. I don't know what the EPA (or whomever) says about using lead for safety-critical applications like this, but the industry overall is being forced to move to tin.