Friday, May 30, 2014

ATF: One of Those Days...

Not a bad week here at the ol' blog eh?  Probably haven't consistently blogged this much in a long long while.  I hope you enjoyed it...  its good to be back in the swing of things a bit.  I needed to shake some dust off... but I think its working out.

Nice to start having some guest posts too.  I have another one coming up Monday so make sure you stop by for that.  but in the mean time... down to business...

A:  Bookers.  Because my son damned near stepped on a rattle snake and he didn't get bit.  And when I say damned near... I mean DAMNED near.  So yeah.  Daddy's drinkin' now.  Deal with it.

T:  So far the only thing I've smoked today was that damned snake.  I aim to remedy that directly with a little number from the folks over at My Father Cigars.  Flor de las Antillas.  Oh my....  oh my....

F:  I had intended to write about the most recent 1911 build and how much I've enjoyed it.  But I didn't actually kill anything with it today.  So nope.  Today its the ol' Tracker's time for the spotlight.

Nothing fancy.  Its just a pure utilitarian tool.  Double-action pull is like 35 pounds... and a quarter mile long.  I literally thumb cock it every time I fire it.  And that's fine.  It was good enough for Doc' and Wyatt.  Good enough for me too.  Dammit.  Tell ya what I love about the thing.  Best I can tell its indestructible.  And that can be said about many wheel guns.  But I know this one.  I know what I've put it through.  If I'm going to the swamp.. there is a real good chance this is gonna be on my hip.  The reason should be obvious.

Ok boys...

You're up.


Raggededge said...

A: Maker's, Neat

T: Marlboro

F: Browning Citori, Lightning .410 over and under. Yep, it's badass.

Nate said...

I bet it is.

Never been a .410 guy myself...

Vidad said...

A: Martini
T: Rome y. Julieta. Made in Miami. Yep.
F: Abomination full-auto shotgun

Reading Monster Hunters International right now. One of the best fantasy books I've ever read. Hilarious, brilliant, deep... and Correia knows his guns.

WaterBoy said...

A: New Belgium Summer Helles, Drambuie
T: Joya de Nicaragua
F: Yes

Good to see more posts coming out again. Guess it's time to retire that Mr. Quadrantids nickname, eh?

Allabaster said...

A. Kosciuszko pale ale, very hoppy, very good.

T. None tonight.

F. Preping the Howa for next weekends sharpshooter match. Won the last one, but it is by no means a done deal this time around.

Patrick Kelly said...

Rats, missed the party again.

would have been:

A: Koenig Pilsner

T: none, dreaming about forbidden sticks from that ISOM.

F: Custom .22lr target gun built on single shot Marlin action. Don't remember what the barrel, trigger, or stock are from, but hopefully it will be driving tacks, in the hands of someone much more skillful and deserving than me long after I'm gone.

Giraffe said...

I'm thinking my next gun will be a .357. After I get my 17 WSM. I thought about a taurus, but I'm leaning Smith.