Tuesday, December 15, 2015

45 Raptor: Big Bore AR-10

Ya know... the AR10 guys have to sit and watch all their friends with AR15s chatter about their big bore options.  such and such SOCOM...  so and so Beowulf...   always feeling left out. 

Well fret no more kids.

I give you the 45 Raptor


There ya go guys.  and its just a barrel swap.  You can even use you're same AR10 mags as I understand it.  

But what about the performance?

How about a 200 grain bullet at 2800 fps?   I think that should get your attention.

I like this thing because its versatile.  You can load up 180 grain bullets and shoot all day with little or no recoil.  the 200 grain bullets would be ideal for medium game like deer or hogs... and the big 300 grain bullets would make this a fantastic North American dangerous game rifle.

What do ya think boys?

To late to amend that letter to Santa?


Giraffe said...

I've never been a fan of straight wall rifle cartridges. But damn, if you need to hit something and hit it hard....

robwbright said...

Nice. Very nice.

Nate said...

If were taking an AR to hunt bear... I'd grab my 50 Beowulf. But there's no doubt this bad boy pushes the same bullet a whole lot faster.

The 50 beowulf is good for north american dangerous game.

This thing may be good for African Dangerous game.

Giraffe said...

I think it would do OK on African game except for Elephants obviously, and maybe buffalo. Even on buffalo, you have a quick follow up shot. A lot of them actually. So in the hands of someone who knows how to shoot, you can get several rounds into him in the same amount of time a bolt guy can shoot one.

It's the Sami 9mm thought process applied to rifles.

Anonymous said...

Not the size but how you use it:


Nate said...

to this day the Bell shot is the preferred way to take elephants. That said... they still take the bell shot with a 458 Lott

Raggededge said...

That is badass, I need that.

Victor F. Michaelson said...

Is it SAAMI or is it due for oblivion?

Victor F. Michaelson said...

Did the 30 Carbine hit puberty?

Nate said...

It is SAAMI.