Monday, December 14, 2015

Hang Him High

So.... after all this time... it appears the traitor is finally going to get his court martial

I'll be honest I never actually believed Bergdahl would be prosecuted.  I also note that we're supposed to be deeply concerned that he could get life in prison.

Life my ass.

Hang him.

It is long past time the US military started acting like a military.  Well here's a grand opportunity.

Between 1942 and 1961 the US military executed 160 criminals.  157 were US army soldiers... and 3...  were executed by the Air Force?   Figure that.

The last military execution was in 1961.  Private John Bennett was hanged at Leavenworth after he was convicted of rape of attempted murder.  He was black.  He raped an 11 year old white austrian girl.

Today liberals cry racism over it.

Well by all means... let us appease them.... by hanging Bergdahl by the neck until he is dead.  dead.  dead.


Mr. Naron said...

No, we have a lot of female soldiers to execute before we've reached equality. Women are just as capable and deserving of capital punishment as men.

Porkins said...

I believe in second chances. Since all military jobs are open to women. Force Bergdahl to have a sex change and have him enlist as a woman.

Nate said...

you people are worse than I am.

Stilicho said...

Court martial.

Stilicho said...

Porkins is on the right track, but he missed the target: give him the sex change operation... then give him back to the Taliban.

Wendy said...

"Stay on target!"

Nate said...

God I am a retard sometimes.


Bill said...

I think the Taliban would prefer him just as he is. I hope you guys didn't miss that he was clean-shaven when the Taliban gave him back.... and you know what that means.

Susan said...

Obama has been slowly and quietly purging anything that is truly patriotic in the military. That news that the military has overridden Obama on this issue gives me a lot of hope that he hasn't totally ruined all that is good with the military.

He caused the death of several of his fellow unit members by his actions. I suspect he thought he would please the Taliban if he brought them a tasty target of fellow US soldiers. Maybe they weren't impressed so much with his lack of loyalty.

One thing I did notice when the issue originally came up, is that his own father looked like a muslim wannabe with that lousy beard of his own. Supposedly too, his own father supported him in his treason.


Not to sound too ignorant here, but could you explain what the significance of the beard removal is? I think I know, but I am not sure. You are the first I have seen who brought this up.

c0pperheaded said...

Nate, wasn't sure where to put this, but I was curious about your thoughts on Jefferson Davis. Is he considered a hero in the South? My dad's side of the family is all from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. My uncle, grandpa and great-grandpa were all named Jefferson Davis Williams.

MichaelJMaier said...

As a Damn Yankee with Copperhead leanings myself, I wouldn't call him a hero. But I don't call many humans by that title.

I would say he stood up for what he thought was right. The South's stance was legal and moral. A voluntary union is just that. No one even gave a HINT of a suggestion that the US Constitution was a "Til Death Do Us Part" pact when it was ratified.

Lincoln was a lying, vile, murderous cuss and I hope he is flayed and raped perpetually by demons in Hell.

MichaelJMaier said...

But since I have to be truthsome...

As for deserters... I lean more towards forgiveness. If they exhaust all bureaucratic and legal options, are denied relief and desert... I'd say dishonourable discharge and the feds never hire him for another job again. Maybe even deny them veteran medical treatment they'd otherwise have for life.

But soldiers are asked to do horrific things. I don't consider the Russians "heroic" for shooting unarmed troops when they retreated.

Executing deserters that demonstrate a desperation to get out seems inhuman, especially if they do not betray their comrades or leave a post vulnerable for enemy exploitation.

But I sure as Hell wouldn't bargain away a damn thing for a deserter's hide, either. You desert into enemy turf and get your short-sighted ass captured... you're on your own.

We'll try to remember to pray for you.

Stilicho said...

I don't consider anything I was asked to do horrific. Traitors have the ninth circle waiting for them. Expediting the trip is worth doing. Plus, Bergdahl was a volunteer. He knew what his job entailed long before he saw an Afghan.

Bill said...

In their culture; men have beards, women don't. Therefore, they were treating him as a women. Rumint is that they treated him like a women pretty hard and often.

Ditto with the shaved head thing, more humiliation.

FYI; this is one reason that many of our special forces guys have been sporting long hair and beards.