Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Hillary Clinton's War

How many times a day do you hear or read someone say that the war in syria doesn't make any sense?   Seems like all the time people are telling me its just chaos over there and they can't make heads or tails of what's going.

Given that... I thought I'd take a minute and explain it.

Tiny Qatar is possibly the world largest supplier of natural gas.  Something like 14% of the world's known supply of natural gas is Qatar's.  In the late 2000s Qatar began negotiations to build a natural gas pipeline that would go through Saudi Arabia and Syria to Turkey to compete with the Russia, who supplies virtually all of the EU's natural gas.

This fact alone should start bells ringing.

Turkey has already built the infrastructure on its end.  There the pipeline is done and ready to go.  In fact, the only thing standing in the way of this new pipeline... is Syria.

Syria has blocked the pipeline and will not let it pass through.  Assad announced he would block the pipeline in 2012.   So let's think back...   what was going on in 2012 and 2013?   When did the US start jabbering about the evils of the Assad regime?   Where and when was ISIS formed?

Friends...   We created ISIS.  And when I say we... I mean Hillary Clinton.

When thinking about foreign policy you always have to keep in mind that Hillary Clinton's hero is Charlie Wilson.  In Syria... she saw her chance to play the role herself.  She convinced the Obama adminstration to foment rebellion in Syria... and with no small amount of help from the middle east (Qatari money goes a long long way) they formed, funded, trained, and equipped the group that became ISIS.

They created them specifically to over throw the Assad regime.. and get the pipeline built.

So... why does Turkey support ISIS and shoot down Russian jets?   Its not about Islam folks.  Its about the pipeline.

Oh to be sure, for ISIS its about religion.  But its only about religion for them.  Everyone else involved... Turkey, Qatar, the US, Russia... everyone else... is there fighting over the pipeline.

If you doubt this... I simply suggest you test it.   Whenever you read or see someone doing something there... see if it lines up with the pipeline positioning.  You will see the US fighting on ISIS' side against Assad.  You will see Turkey fighting on ISIS' side against Russia.  You will see Russia attacking ISIS and defending Assad.

Because Assad has Russia's back.  And Putin isn't giving up his monopoly on the EU natural gas supply.

But that doesn't make Russia the bad guys.   Remember.. Hillary Clinton is the one that was dumb enough to create ISIS.

Maybe someday Tom Hanks can play Hillary in the movie.  

Nah... he's to feminine.


Patrikbc said...

Of course it's about the pipeline, Africas had nurderous regimes for as long as there been an Africa, but no one crying foul... Because they have no resources to exploit.

Clint said...

You would almost think the US did not care about the Christians.

robwbright said...

Very interesting. Nice work, Nate.

Nate said...


should've written about guns or boobs...

Josh (the sexiest thing here) said...

nicely done

Unknown said...

I had a good deal of this figured out, but thanks for putting it all together. The fact that both the Iraq war and this Syrian mess has gotten thousands of Christians killed just makes me despise the fed gov all the more.

daddynichol said...


Thanks for not reigniting your blog with your take on Caitlyn Jenner. Much appreciated.

Your observations on the conflict/war is spot on.

The pipeline project has been so under the news radar, it can't be by accident. I remember reading about it for at least 7 years with the heart of the issue is Russia's desire to hold a strong grip on the EU. Without the money provided by the line, Russia's economy would be far worse that what it is already.

daddynichol said...


Russia wins control. Syria owes 'em. Why have control over just one gas source when you can control both is my guess.

Susan said...

One other element I have noticed is that the Muslim Brotherhood is also helping on the rebel side in Syria.
I suspect their help is based on the assurances that they will get Syria to run as their terror base of operations since they no longer have Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood is Obama's conduit into the terrorist side of the ME, thanks to Huma and several others employed in this administration.

There are lots of strings here, but I like what you have put together regarding this huge rope.

Mr. Naron said...

Were we running guns to ISIS through Benghazi?

Flannel Avenger said...

Is there some reason why the pipeline just can't go through Iraq instead? It seems like that would be a lot cheaper than overthrowing Assad.

Nate said...


Well sort of. We had sold Stinger Missiles to Al Queda troops that became ISIS... and we were using the embassy in Benghazi to buy them back.

Nate said...

"Is there some reason why the pipeline just can't go through Iraq instead? It seems like that would be a lot cheaper than overthrowing Assad. "


Its difficult for an american to grasp just how impassible that terrain is.

would be cheaper to build a pipeline from the US under the atlantic.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Syria also has the needed logistics infrastructure. You could pipe the gas to the Mediterranean, use the work force, pipe it across Turkey (also a potential customer), build another pipeline next to it for liquids, etc.

Watch Blazing Saddles.

Clint said...

Syria is in the perfect location. Anywhere else would not be cost effective, or else they would do it that way.

thimscool said...

Yes. Also, they want to bottle up the Russians in the Black Sea.

This effort preceded Hillary by a long shot, but I like your jab at Tom Hanks.