Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Liberals Always Lie.

Yes Virginia... they really do want to take your guns.

No matter how many times you hear some idiot liar liberal claim otherwise... liberals very much DO want to see firearms confiscated.  96% percent of all liberals are in fact known to think about gun confiscation while masturbating in their lilac scented bubble baths.

As always... they are to damned short sighted and ignorant to actually consider what would happen if they attempted such a thing.

There are over 200 million firearms in civilian hands and over 12 trillion rounds of ammunition.   What these morons are advocating will literally set off a huge scale civil war.  Pitting police and federal agents against gun owners defending their rights. 

The streets will run red with blood.  This is what the murderous and foolish left is asking for.

We respond as always.

Come for them.   We come for you.


Clint said...

Of course they want to take them. Of course they will fail to do so. When they realize that on this issue we are not all talk, they will back off. Unless they don't. Then we show them.

gunner451 said...

No people will give their guns ups in a relatively passive way. All it will take is for the police to make an "example" of a few and most will then just fall in line. Basic human nature says that if someone feels that they have something important to lose (like life or freedom) they will give up something less important in order to keep that. That is how governments keep people in line and how they will take our guns. Sure you can bury them or hide them but they have achieved the same thing as the gun is no longer really available to you at that point. Only if people think that they have nothing to lose will they fight back

Raggededge said...

I don't disagree that most people will give up their weapons passively, but you only need a very small percentage to not go quietly. Also, I know there are a decent amount of sheriffs out there that would refuse to obey any kind of confiscation order. There is already a hint of what will happen if confiscation ever becomes a reality. Take a look at New York and Connecticut, somewhere around 10% compliance on the gun registration laws. And, this is happing in the bluest of states. Just imagine a registration law in Alabama or Tennessee.

MichaelJMaier said...

" All it will take is for the police to make an "example" of a few and most will then just fall in line."

I disagree. Word gets out on that and Vox is right. Those pigs and their families have slept their last peaceful night.

Nate said...

Gunner... u ou are very much mistaken. Every time the police make an example of 1 they will create another 10

Nick said...

60,000 rounds per *firearm* seems a little steep. So your average slacker gun owner who only has 10 guns has 600,000 rounds. Cool, but no.

Nate said...

Hey Nick... I think you should think how much 22lr is out there... then reconsider. You should also reconsider what the phrase "civilian hands" actually means.

Susan said...

As far as I can tell, liberals have never successfully solved a problem in their entire rancid little lives. They are incapable of thinking logically or even thinking of the long picture.

Remember how their solution for saving trees was to start using plastic bags instead of paper? Now their hysteria is busy in getting plastic bags banned, due to their own solution being bad for the environment now. They won't admit it of course.

The new problem being set up by them now is food borne illness on a national scale. When California first forced shoppers to start using those reusable bags you see at the market now, a study was done and it was discovered that (IIRC) at least 75-80% of those bags were germy enough to induce a nice case of salmonella.

Mercury filled light bulbs are another homeowner nightmare. Break one getting it out of the socket, or by dropping it? You not only have to call a hazmat team to deal with the mercury, but that team might just have to cut out your carpet or flooring, mercury is that toxic. Dumping those bulbs are going to make toxic dumps across the country that will rival the Love Canal disaster.

daddynichol said...

In an effort to distance the police and/or national guard from any sense of alliance with their local community, their leadership will simply reallocate the units to other cities or towns. It's much easier for a primarily Hispanic weighted National Guard unit to be put up against some local uprising in rural Pennsylvania than it would be to go against their relatives and kin in Albuquerque.

I look for the police to be nationalized. That will be the time when you will see which cops are going to side with American citizens and which ones will fight for the Goldman Sachs Party.

WaterBoy said...

walmart 455

The number of guns seems quite a bit low...or just outdated. I've seen several more recent estimates in the 280-320 million range.This article from 2013 shows a 2009 estimate of 310 million, for example.

Assuming 300 million, that would drop it from 60K per gun to 40K per gun. Still seems a bit high, though, so consider this:

Americans buy 10-12 billion bullets each year. That's for all military, police, and civilian markets, combined. To get to 12 trillion on the civilian side would take more than 1,000 years, and would involve not shooting any of them.

I'm wondering if the 12 trillion number wasn't a magnitude error, and was actually from the 12 billion sold figure.

WaterBoy said...

Yeah, ignore the first two lines of my previous comment...that was from the scratch pad where I composed it.

Bill said...

Hey, you say masturbating in lilac scented bubble baths like it was a bad thing. What sent do you use in your bubble baths?