Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Speaker: Paul Boenher

I hate to quote the Who... because I hate the Who..

But meet the new boss...  same as the old boss.

Ok this is not how I wanted to start off my day.   Not only am I quoting The Who... I'm linking to Slate.   I feel dirty.  Never the less the article in question is not inaccurate completely.  The premise is sound.

If Boenher had done what Paul Ryan just did... the GOP would be out to hang him.

unlike Slate... I suspect the GOP base is already out to hang Ryan.   This is why the establishment GOP guys are all in the shitter in the polls people.  This is why Trump is winning.  The base hates the GOP establishment and the establishment hates its own base.

This cannot last.

The GOP will leadership will either be purged and replaced with people in-line with the base... or the base will leave, and form a new party, and the GOP will simply disappear.

And as an unreconstructed confederate... let me say... good riddance.


Giraffe said...

I remember when Paul Ryan was the big savior when he proposed a budget that would end the deficit in 2038. Not the debt, the deficit. As if the United States will be around in any recognizable form if you continue to run deficits for 25 more years. The democrats howled about how draconian that was.

Fuckin clown show.

daddynichol said...

The Can, meet road. Road, meet can.

The Can no longer kicks and the Road no longer exists.

Mr. Naron said...

Paul Ryan has a heart. He met with some poor people years ago, and they convinced him that the federal government must help them. And build visitor centers every 20 miles on I-40. And fund research into why dudes like fit ladies. And cowboy poetry rodeos.

Res Ipsa said...

Hopefully Republicans won't be fooled again. If past performance is in indication, we're screwed.

Stilicho said...

I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn...

Susan said...

Ryan has a long history with Boehner which includes an internship in Boehner's office while Ryan was still in college. So the fact that he has been exposed as Boehner's mini me should not be a surprise to anyone.

What the worldwide Leftists doesn't understand is that historically, the average citizenry has had a habit of rising up and dealing with the corrupt oligarchy in ways that aren't very pleasant.

allyn71 said...

Let it burn. This shit, the Chumpster, all of it, more faster please. We can't get to where we need to go with things staying the way they are. This is just more fuel for the fire.

Susan said...

You think Trump hasn't been fuel for the fire? He has used a howitzer and blasted the establishment game of politics as usual to smithereens.

He owns the media like nobody ever has, and the media is most likely hating that they have to cover him every single day.

You Lie Ryan is going to go down in history as one of the worst Speakers Congress has ever had. Remember how he came to prominence? He loudly said "you lie" during one of Obama's SOTU addresses. Boy was he a manchurian candidate.