Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yes I think Bama is Going to Win

Lots of folks have been asking me about the game tonight.   Yes... I very much believe Bama is going to beat Sparty.   No doubt everyone will say this is because I'm a Bama fan... but I would counter this by saying that Bama is a 10 point favorite.

So pretty much everyone is a Bama fan by that logic.

I'm sure there are die hard Sparty fans out there that truely believe they are a better team than Bama is.    Objectively... that's simply irrational.   That's ok though.  Sports isn't rational.  No matter how much we pretend it is. 

I can list all the reasons Bama is better than Sparty.  I can tell you that Sparty is a great team but it doesn't matter because they are built wrong.  Sparty is going to line up and try out Bama Bama.  Well you can't out Bama Bama.  Sparty isn't the kind of team that gives Bama trouble.  But none of that matters.   There is a game tonight.

That's what matters.

And... we all know the truth.   The truth is... no bama fan....  no bama player... no bama coach... was disappointed or scared or bummed about hearing they were playing Sparty.

We also know that most Sparty fans felt a sinking feeling as soon as they heard they were getting Bama.  And there is a rather infamous video that shows at least one of their players felt the same thing.


c0pperheaded said...

Michigan State is like Notre Dame in 2013 except they don't have a mobile QB. I'm a Notre Dame fan, but even I knew that they were out of their league that year. Saban will have to drop a serious turd to lose this game. Ain't gonna happen.

Susan said...

I am in a sentimental mood this year. Since I have relatives who live near Mobile, I am going for Alabama to win.

cheddarman said...

I hope Bama kills them.

Three house keeping items:

1) I said that women ruin everything. However, I am guessing our own Miss Susan is schooled in the old Southern women's virtues. So i exclude her from the above statement, as I would bet she has the wisdom to leave men's thing to men.

2) For some reason I think our beloved (some of you might think i an goin' homo by callin' Nate "beloved" but that is how the Bible describes Jesus relationship with John. John was the disciple Jesus loved. So get over your false masculine Yankeeness if you have a problem with that. If you still have a problem with me callin' Nate our beloved host, read the Bible more) host Nate has red hair. Can anyone verify that? I saw several ginger flavored beers in the local HyVee liquor store and thought i would drink one in honor of Nate and his red hair. However, I bought a rootbeer flavored beer instead because combining rootbeer andbeer sounds not quite awesome but pretty good.

3) I thought Bama was a 10 point underdog. My bad.

Happy New Year Y'all. God Bless you in 2016.



WaterBoy said...

MSU is my alma-mater, and I still think they're going to lose.

Not that I want them to, and I hope that either they play the game of their lives or 'Bama defeats themselves with enough mistakes for State to pull it out. I just don't think that's going to happen.

WaterBoy said...

And I see that Nate was smart enough to learn his lesson about bets, this time....

Stilicho said...

Cheds, did Nate ever pay?

Pics or it didn't happen

Susan said...

Cheddarman, I am indeed happy to leave men's things to the men. But if I have an appropriate comment to make that is relevant, I will make it sometimes.
I am of the opinion that men indeed have as much right to their interests as I do myself. I have learned through experience that yes, women can indeed ruin stuff, so I learn how to keep quiet. That is how I learn.

When it comes to sports, I will usually read and lurk, and enjoy the back and forth from the menfolk. Menfolk usually have better conversations than most women I know anyway.

It helps that I grew up as the only girl in a neighborhood filled with at least a dozen boys, and I got my hands dirty helping my dad fix his car. I have no problems with 99.8% of the male population. I am a huge supporter of men's rights.

Susan said...

Nate does have red hair. Did you guys ever see the photo of Nate and the Mrs. in their formal attire? Nate is a ginger, and his Mrs. is gorgeous.

Birdmeal said...

Alabama has to win for the SEC. I will pull for them despite getting the short end for the last few years. (Geaux Tigers). At least LSU won the bowl game handily.

Clint said...

I really thought Oklahoma would beat Clemson. I do think Bama will win. They will also beat Clemson for the championship, too. If for some reason MSU comes back to win this (I am typing at halftime), then Clemson will win it all.

Nate said...

At this point if MSU doesn't solve some protection issues... Cook will be lucky to survive.

Clint said...

Agreed. Nice catch for that latest TD, too.

Clint said...

Would sure love to see Henry with a star on his helmet...

cheddarman said...

Stilicho, I offered Nate up front for him to preach a sermon or do the hat. He did some real yeomans work in the kids ministry in his church...imo that was the best possible outcome...besides osu has some kind of no gun policy for the football team that is beyond the village people pale, imo

cheddarman said...

Stilicho, I offered Nate up front for him to preach a sermon or do the hat. He did some real yeomans work in the kids ministry in his church...imo that was the best possible outcome...besides osu has some kind of no gun policy for the football team that is beyond the village people pale, imo

Birdmeal said...

Ass whoopin' is what's happening.

Nate said...

yeah.,.. this is the kind of beat down on a national stage that leaves a mark.

Truth is.. all the trouble les miles is having is rooted in the shut out loss to bama in the national title game 4 years ago.

cheddarman said...

Dang you Bama fans must have found that to be a real a preseason game against the southern Louisiana mud dogs minus Bobby Bouchet.

Birdmeal said...

LSU won't improve until we get a quarterback like Mauck or Flynn - guys like Saban recruited. Still have to pass a little bit even with a good running game. I turned that national title game off in the 3rd quarter - left Jefferson in and ran the same plays. I went to bed - game ended as I expected.

S. Thermite said...

Spending this NYE at one of the biggest MSU-friendly sports bars in East Lansing (Renos East, for those familiar with the area). A lot of people left to cry in their pillows.

WaterBoy said...

Went to a dinner party, missed the game but was able to check the score from time to time. Kept seeing Alabama going up and up, but MSU never budged. Did they not even get close enough for a FG? Did they even cross over into Bama territory?

It's still 2015 so will leave the bad behind. Tomorrow is a new year; hope it's a happy and prosperous one for y'all and y'all's.

Susan said...

Congrats on your prediction Nate. Glad they won.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the educating posts, and the entertainment and wisdom you provide here and over at Vox's place. It has been a rollercoaster ride this year, and next year looks to be even more entertaining.

Many blessings to you and yours for a great 2016 Nate. Hopefully you won't have to move again. Best wishes to everyone else here for a happy 2016. May we all survive the final year of Obama with our arses as intact as possible.

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