Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Brazilian Pecans

Raise your hand if you think Pecans are native to Brazil.


But you know how they got there right?

After the War for Southron Independence many southrons migrated to Brazil. They took advantage of an agricultural government program designed by the Brazilians to improve their local situation. They saw an opertunity and siezed it.

Its unknown exactly how many confederate families went to Brazil... estimates range from a few hundred to many thousand. Wikipedia says 9,000... I reckon that's in the ballpark.

I've been questioned time and again about my assertions that the South was less racist than the Union... about my assertion that the Confederate Army was intigrated. Well consider this little piece of related evidence.

When the confederate exiles got to Brazil they built public schools and universities... where blacks and whites both were taught. Of the thousands of southron farmers who came to Brazil, only 4 families owned a total of 66 slaves.

That was in the 1870s.

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