Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Open Letter to David Limbaugh

Dear Sir,
In your recent column you ask a few important, if poorly worded, questions. As a disgruntled conservative who, in your terms, will be colluding with democrats in November, allow me to answer them.

You ask: what would democrats do differently?

I answer: Nothing. They would spend spend spend. Just as these insane so-called conservatives have. They would propose and pass historically unprecedented spending bills of obscene scale. They'd urinate on the Constitution. Under them Uncle Sam would become Aunt Samantha, and she would work 24-hours a day to protect us from ourselves. In short... They would do the exact same things that the Republicans I once supported have done.

You ask: But the war! What about the War! Victory is all important!

I answer: Hogwash. There is no victory in an undeclared war on no one in particular. Who are we at war with? Terrorists? One may as well declare war against the boogeyman. Let me be clear. I fear my own government a great deal more than I fear any suitcase nuke. That's why I'm a Conservative. I have no desire to live under the protective skirt of a Nanny Government. My security is my problem. The Democrats will not prosecute this so-called war any differently than the Republicans have, at least they won't screw it up any worse. Occupation was the pinnacle of stupidity in the first place. It was never going to work. We would never use the British or Roman method of occupation, and they are the only two methods to ever show any success. The Republicans have already run this war the way idiot liberals would run it. Why should I be scared to hand it over to liberals now? How much worse will they screw it up? I've always believed we should've gone to Iraq. We should've hit and run. Militaries are for killing people and breaking things. That job was done when we captured Saddam. We should've come home and left the locals to fight over the power vacuum. It would've taken decades for someone to consolidate the power there, and when they did, we could always come back and wipe them out again. We'd be trading 10 years of peace for 6 weeks of war. Who wouldn't take that deal?

Sir, I am a registered Republican in the state of Tennessee. I would sooner gauge out my own eyes than vote for a slime ball like Corker. You say Ford is worse? I say so what? I don't vote for slime balls. If the only choice is two slime balls, then I'm not making a choice at all. I know, I know... if I don't vote the wrong slime ball might win. I don't care. I will not participate in my own rape.

This would be a very good message for you and other Republican leaders to heed. The "Most Important Election of All Time" line has lost its effect. After the third "Most Important Election of All Time" call I'm starting to think of the boy who called wolf.

Dubya and the weak kneed conservatives in power right now have done massive damage to America. I find myself more and more considering leaving America all together. Why shouldn't I? I don't need a nanny... and I'm not scared of the boogieman.

No sir. I will not vote. I likely will never vote for any federal position again. My brother says its my duty to vote. In my view, I would never defile the concept of duty with something as humiliating as voting.

Best of Luck

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