Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Concealed Carry

Lets talk about this.

A reader recently commented that a millenium made his jacket hang funny. Folks... you're being to anal. I carry all the time in a t-shirt and jeans. I open carry until I get out of the truck, then I untuck my size medium t-shirt and drape it over the Steyr on my hip, and go on about my business.

This has never failed.


Because people don't pay attention to a lump on your hip. 99% won't even notice and those that do figure its a cell phone.

Fobus and Biacchi make excellent ccw holsters. They are not inside-the-pants rigs, because they don't need to be. Wear two layers... a tucked in, tighter fitting shirt, and larger looser garment for cover. I've done this for years.

Don't worry about printing. People aren't observant at all. Half of them wouldn't even notice you carrying completly open.

more later... maybe even pics!

See where we're going here?

Ok.. but Invid asked about you boys that have to dress pretty at work.

I'll cover pretty boys and women folk in the next post.