Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not Peace, But a Sword

I'm filled with rage. On the front page of the local rag's website I find this article... and this headline: Christians must "let go' some beliefs for the sake of peace.

What's worse is who said it. A theologian at a Church of Christ University.

In the article he claims that the Christian believe of setting up a Kingdom on Earth puts us in direct conflict with Jews and Muslims. He doesn't address the fact that there are no conflicts between Christians and Jews... nor does he seem particularly interested in explaining how changing that belief will revoke Muhammad's orders to kill all infidels.

Its myopic views like this... completely ignorant of historical and religious context that endager our world... and the fact that they are expressed by one who is expected to know better is yet another indictment on the state of education... in this case even the Faith Based education system has failed miserably.

The man should be fired. Not for saying something inflamatory... but for being so ridiculously ignorant, and showing such gross incompetence in what's supposed to be his area of excellence.

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