Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where Ya Been?

Sorry man... I know I know... The Dems have taken congress (oh the horror). Am I slack?

I suppose I am.

Oh dear.

I'll beg your forgiveness. Fact is I don't see what the big deal is. The out-of-the-closet liberals have taken control from the closeted ones. This is news? You wadded up your panties over this? I barely even noticed. I don't see why people are suprised the conservatives lost. I mean... the conservatives didn't even run. At least as far as I can tell.

And come on.. buck up. Nancy Pelosi is 3rd in the line of Presidential Succession. What could be more fun? Speark of the House Pelosi! Oh the comedy! Charlie Rangle is gonna be head of the Ways and Means Committee! Seriously! The shiftiest politician in Washington is gonna be running the most powerful finance committee! Its like something the UN would do!

Snoop Dog wouldn't let that negro within 20 miles of his checkin' account, but we're gonna trust him with the budget of the whole damned country! It just don't get no better.

Anyway... I've got to much to do to be worryin' about what some damned congress critter is up to.

Remember my 1911 project? I've aquired 2 high quality frames. They're made by Doublestar. Word is parts just drop in. I figure I may have to rub off some of the finish here and there, but I am very optimistic about the quality of these bad boys.

I've selected Caspian slides. One 1911 is going to have a Bo-Mar cut in the rear, and Novak on the front. I may go with 2 Novak cuts on the other. I'm looking at a 3.5 pound drop in trigger kit for each... short adjustable trigger pulls. Both 1911's will be blacked out.. perhaps with stainless steel here and there. I'm still considering barrel options.

The other project... which I am not at liberty to speak of... is actually taking up just as much time. Enormous amounts of research is going into our latest hairbrained scheme... which of course is making less hairbrained... still... there will always be a considerable Oh Shit Factor with this one... even after we get far enough along to post about it.

Bear with us.

It will be worth it.

By the way... 4 people in the last week have seriously encouraged me to run for political office. I mean real people. Not internet people. Some old friends... a couple guys here in town.

Pickin's is slim boys.

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