Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Turning Away

The Whatsit calls friends.

You're mad as hell. You're gonna stick it to that damned Whatsit this time. R or D... which ever way you've chosen... you're gonna hit the Whatsit with everthing you have.

And its going to laugh in your face.

Or maybe you see it another way. Maybe today you're doing your duty. You have to vote. Your sacred honor requires you to go cast your vote for a slimeball who shares none of your values.

But what's the alternative? The opinions of people who don't vote don't matter. You know this because your sixth grade teacher told you so. It doesn't matter that you'd never actually thought about that reasoning. You heard it when you were 11 and it sounded good. By now you've repeated it thousands of times yourself, so it must be true. Right?

If you don't vote don't complain.

Allow me to rephrase that oft repeated mantra: sit down, shut up, and do what your told.

Not today.

And why not? Because next year... when this slimeball or that is in office, busily sodomizing you, then you truely and rightly can complain. Ya know why?

Because you didn't vote for him.

You want the best reason for not voting today? Here it is. You shouldn't vote today because the guy you pick might win. Who wants a senator on the conscience?

Today you should excersize your God given rights. Go buy an FN-FAL and put 500 rounds through it at the range. Trust me... its more carthatic.

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