Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All Time Hype

So I've been taking Sheryl Crow's advice a little further... see... I've been wiping my ass with dollar bills.

Why not? With inflation going the way it is... that's about all they're worth.

So... the Dow broke the all-time high today. Great. Don't think for a second that's a sign of a strong economy. It the direct result of the dollar going in the tank.

The dollar is approaching an all-time low against gold... and is at an all-time low against various other currancies.

People... this record high is not good news. Its not sign of a boom. Its a sign of inflation out-of-control. Its a simple fact... as the dollar is worth less... things priced in dollars will go up. Gas isn't 3 bucks a gallon because of any reduced production. Its higher because your dollar is worth less than it was in 3 or 7 years ago.

Few people realize that inflation is just covert taxation. As the government prints more and more money, and if you've been paying attention then you know that they've been printing it faster over the last 5 years than they have at any other time in American History, each dollar's value is reduced.

The more they print... the less your paycheck is worth.

And folks... they're printing a lot.

Now excuse me... I've got to go to the bank for some singles... wait... on second thought I may get fives this time... I love the added bonus of wiping my ass with Honest Abe's image.

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