Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On VaTech

1. CBSNBCABCCNN is already beating the drums for a hi-cap ban... even though while they were reporting they sometimes acknowledged that they didn't know if the shooter actually had a hi-cap mag.

2. I've heard 2 9mm... and 1 9mm and 1 .22. either way... that's a lot of head shots.

3. Two students were inteviewed on NBC.. both admitted to watching him reload. They said they were to scared to try to stop him.

4. Students were apparently lined up execution style. Seriously. Since when did human beings become devoid of all character and courage?

5. The cowardice displayed makes me sick.

6. If 10 people had charged this guy... he would've been able to shoot 1... 2 at most. Instead... he just played shoot the sheep.

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