Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Question for the Gun Grabbers

So... you want all guns banned... confiscated. Well girls... here's your chance. Tell us how you propose to do it.

Liberals love to talk about how evil guns are... and how we should get rid of them. Ok... how? What's your plan?

Are you going to try a forced buy back? door to door confiscation? Or are you hoping for voluntary compliance? You could flank the gun rights crowd... and out law ammo sales... but that won't really get it done will it? Not when you consider how many millions of people have literally thousands of rounds already.

I ask... because I honestly believe you've never actually thought about this at all. You just say "Ban them"... as a knee jerk reaction... as if merely passing the law will magicly make the guns all disappear.

Do you realize that if only 20% of the legal firearms owners in america chose to ignore your ban, there would still be 20 million gun owners here? And not only that... they'd be the 20 million most hardcore gun owners? How would disarm them?

So... here's your chance kids. You want the guns gone... tell us how you propose to do it... assuming the tooth fairy is busy of course.

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