Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Titans Draft Report

Ok... the draft is this saturday... and everyone with a website is calling for the Titans to draft a Wide Reciever... preferably one who can return punts. Enter Ted Ginn Jr.

It may happen that way... but I don't see it. I keep hearing the media types talk about the holes the Titans have... for example today I heard, "Brandon Jones is great... but he's got no one else around him."


Ever heard of David Givens? Givens and Jones are a solid 1-2 combo... a solid draft pick could make an impact at number 3 against nicklebacks.

And we have a pressing need at D-line right? We need both an end and a tackle....

You mean like Rein Long and Antwaan Odom? The Dline was decimated by injury last year. Folks forget that. With those guys back we're in a lot better shape. We need someone to take pressure off of Kyle and share time with Antwaan. If we find another freak great... but its not necessary.

Running back you say?

Lendale White looks great to me.

If I'm the Titans GM... this is my plan:

Round 1: The Best Defensive End available. Probably Moss from Florida.
Round 2: Time to go WR... Sydney Rice would be a steal here
Round 3: Time to snatch up an athletic saftey who can help on special teams

Later rounds:
We need guards... big time. Our O-line coaches always get the most outta his guys... get him a couple 4th rounders that he can work with. Then D-tackle... at the end... take what's there. Need doesn't matter in the last couple rounds. Its a lottery at that point.

There is really only one way the Titans can go that will infuriate me... they cannot draft another Corner in the first or second round. We've got Harper. At this point... you roll with him and Reynaldo. Even with Pac gone the biggest whole in the secondary isn't at corner... its Lamont Thompson.

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