Sunday, April 22, 2007

William Demonstrates...

his spectacular ability to miss the point:

We need to trust the trained & responsible gun owners among us to keep us safe, yea right... like the Secret Service agent who shot his colleagues in the face & leg at White House last Tues?In case you missed it... rpc=22

My response?

William... are you a child?

My 4 year-old depends on me to keep him safe. Why, if you are not a child, are you looking for someone to keep you safe?

The point is that you should trust no one to keep you safe. I assume you're an adult male. Take some responsibility for yourself and accept the fact that dialing 911 won't save you. It will just alert the police to come collect your body.

Ultimately your safety is up to you.

As for your accident... I suggest you look around on u-tube. There are some classic clips of cops shooting themselves in the foot with glocks. Fact is... the accident rate involving firearms is a great deal higher among police officers than civilian gun owners... despite the fact that civilian gun owners on average have more guns and shoot more. No wait... not in spite of that fact... more like... because of that fact.

Do you realize the average cop fires less than 200 rounds per year?

That's one decent day at the range. Not exactly what you'd call a lot of practice.

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