Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1 Week Old!

Well... ol' Elkan turned one week old yesterday... and he celebrated last night by sleeping 8 hours straight. Seriously.... 8 hours.... 9 to 5.... 7 days old.

For the record... we've officially moved on to belly sleeping. I know I know... pediatricians are gasping in horror all over the country as they read this... but the fact is... we've ignored everything else the peds folks say... we figured we may as well be consistent. Babies sleep better on their bellies. They get alot a stronger a lot faster that way to. Now... Do we worry about SIDS?

Well... honestly no. No we don't. We've got this apnea monitor that basicly detects motion. Whenever the little fella stops moving... it squawks. So far it's only squawked when we've forgotten to turn it off after we pick him up.

So anyway... these are supposed to be the rough sleep-deprived days... but we certainly can't complain.

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