Monday, July 09, 2007

Pregasaurus Update

Sorry for the light posting. Things are... interesting around these parts. Apparently Julie will be induced at 7:00 am on Tuesday. Grab some smokes boys. It appears Elkan is on the way. Although... according to the ultrasound today he has the cord around his neck at least once... which is par for the course with my boys... Both Jeb and Eli did to... and like Jeb... Elkan is also dealing with oligohydraminos. That's doctor talk for not enough amniotic fluid. Anyway... Keep us in your prayers... unless you ain't the prayin' type... if ya ain't... you've got way bigger problems than we do anyway.

Guest Blogger, Darlin' Joy, Update:

I just got off the phone with Nate. He has informed me that Julie is doing well. She received an epidural a while ago. Baby and mother are healthy. Julie is comfortable as can be. It should all go down here within the next few keep in touch!

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