Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Aunt Samantha Day

I'm torn. Today part of me thinks back to the Grand Experiment... to the price the signers of the Declaration of Indepence paid. Those thoughts make me thankful and proud. Then I look at what has become of the Great Experiment... and I am revolted.

What was begun as a limit decentralized government... has exploded into a discusting, centralized Leviathan from which there is no escape.

There is nothing that is beyond the reach of Washington DC. Anything they desire to do... they can.

I'm moved to consider Marbury vs. Madison. If there was a bolder powergrab by a smaller group of men I am ignorant of it. In that case, the Supreme Court decided to give itself the power of judicial review. This was disasterous, because prior to that case... the power of judicial review rested with the states. Simply put, if the US Congress passed a law that was deemed unconstitutional by a state... that state simply didn't enforce that law.

That's a much better system. Now? Now it goes to court... where it is decided by lawyers and black robed devils. In that way, our Republic has been reduced to oligarchy. Jefferson himself adviced that judicial review should never be in the hands of the Supreme Court... for that very reason.

So... here we are.

The pondscum of DC stick their asses into any aspect of our lives that suits their whim. Everything is their business... from how much water is in our toilets... to our seatbelts... to how we chose to protect ourselves... to what medications we take... to where we work... to what we eat and drink. Everything is regulated. Everything is taxed.

And you know what's so discusting about it?

The American People like it.

Tell me... when a cop pulls you over and demands to see your license and registration and proof of insurance... how exactly is that different from a Russian cop demanding, "Papers Please."?

There is no difference... and refusing to cower to either of them yields the same result.

The fact is, Thomas Jefferson knew this would happen. He knew that power always consolidates. He stated calmly that a people's revolt would be necessary every 100 years or so.

He wasn't wrong about that... he just over-estimated the average individual's love or even desire for freedom.

You don't want freedom. You want safety. You don't want independence. You want cradle-to-grave mothering... mothering that your dear Aunt Samantha is all to willing to provide... like some psychotic obsessed matron... hell bent on saving her children from anything and everything... even if she must lock them in a closet for their own good.

So I am left to ask myself... what do I have to celebrate this 4th?

The answer?


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