Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pro Football Prospectus, Pacman, and Ron Mexico

Unbelievable. I'm reading through this book... which is like.... crack for stat geeks... and what do I find?

PacMan Jones was the best cover corner in the NFL last year.

In yards per catch... he was number 1 in pass defense. In total effectiveness per down he was number 2. He was in the top 2 or 3 in virtually every statistical catagory they tracked. In short... no one threw at him... and we they did throw at him... it almost never went well for them.

Few people realize how much Pac's suspension will hurt this team. In middle Tennessee people are so blinded by their hatred of him they can't even see what an awesome corner he is. They make stupid statements about his height... and they basicly blame all of Lamont Thompson's blown assignments on him.

Ah well... no one said you had to actually know anything about football to be a fan.

The truth is... on the field... the Titans have two of the most exciting players in the NFL; Vince Young and Pacman Jones. The Truth is... Goodell's stupid policy is hurting the fans... hurting the fans by robbing them of the chance to see one of the most exciting young players in the league.

Do you really think I give a damn if Pac spit on someone? Or what he did at a strip club?

Let me just clue you in folks... the city of Nashville has a couple hundred thousand thugs. What it doesn't have is a world class corner... and the best return man in the NFL.

One more thug doesn't change a think in this town.

But one world class corner.... one... insanely gifted return man... yeah... that DOES change things here.

So... Mr Goodell... Piss off. You're a hypocrit and a scumbag. You bend the rules for your superstars. First you claim that Pac was suspended because of his history... then you ignore Mike Vick's history. You know... Ron Mexico? Captain Water Bottle? Flicking off his own fans?

By my count this is his 4th strike... not his first.

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