Monday, July 16, 2007

Ummm... How 'bout.... No.

TL comments on Newborn activities:

"What do new parents do, stand there and look all day?Those new kids don't DO anything."

I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and assume that TL doesn't have kids. Let me tell ya hoss... you'd be amazed at how busy something that sleeps 18 hours a day can keep you. The eat, which for the first few days can be a hugely complicated deal... they sleep, but in no predictable schedule, and never more than a few hours at a time... they shit, which if you consider circ care and cord care is also a huge complicated deal... and then for a few hours every day, they have "people time" which is when they are awake and full enough to actually look around and laugh at things. Its the "people time" that gets ya through the rest of it.

Things will settle down in the next few days... but its usually chaotic for the first couple weeks.

Don't worry TL... if ya ever have kids of your own... you'll understand... once you've had to decide between taking a shower or eating a meal... because you know you only have time for one.

This isn't complaining of course... We love havin' these little fellas around... and they change so fast... but to suggest that there is nothing to do... its like saying that F1 drivers don't do anything but sit around.

Thing of it like a duck. Calm and cool on top of the water.... paddlin' like hell underneath.

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