Wednesday, March 26, 2008


- Two fish are swimming around... and they smack into the huge concrete wall... one looks over that the other says... wait for it... "Dam..."

- So this buzzard has decided he's about had it with the desert... he wants to see the ocean. Now... this can be a real problem for a bird that's not particuarly migrator... and well.. buzzard's ain't exactly migratory. He thinks on it a while and decides birds fly... so by God... he'll fly. So... he does the logical thing. He heads down to the airport and picks up a ticket for the next flight for Miami. Sure enough... after a breif cavity security finally decides to let him take his two rotting carcarass with him on through.. and he boards the plain. The buzzard is busily stuffing his belongings into the overhead compartment when a stewartess walks up and says, "I'm sorry sir... only one carrion per passenger."


- What did the egg say to the boilin' water?

"Now its gonna take me a minute to get hard... I was just laid last night."

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