Monday, March 10, 2008

Man... I Suck...

As the Beloved Spacebunny has so artfully pointed out... I have been more than a little neglectful. Alas... such is the life of a man with to many damned projects.

I apologize... and I regret to inform you that there is no end to my blogging hiatus in the immediate future. See.... JAC and I have had enough of this stupid winter crap.. and we're bailing south for a few days.

Perhpas after some much needed time away... on two wheels... and occasionally one.. and well.... occasionally none... I'll be more motivated to comment on the things I no longer give a damn about.

A wise man once said... "Blogs are written by people with nothing to say and an undeniable urge to say it."

I agree completely... and I cannot stomach the thought of this blog turning into something like that. Before it does... I'll simply shut up.

There are times when I just have nothing to say. In those times... its best to say nothing.

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