Monday, March 17, 2008

Isolated Events Are Not

You know the story... a 7-year old kid at some school acts up and the cops end up hand cuffing her and dragging her off. Late in the news broadcast someone assures us all that its an extremely isolated event and nothing we should worry about.

Of course.. its interesting that these "extremely isolated events" are so easy to find in the news. In fact one may conclude that these isolated events are isolated all over the country. One may even describe these "extremely isolated events" as widespread and common.

Consider this:

Two 4-year-old boys were removed from a preschool class and handcuffed by the school safety officer for refusing to take a nap. Their parents are suing the city of New York. When the kids grow up they should sue their parents for sending them to New York schools.

A 6-year-old girl was arrested on charges of disruption of a school function, battery on school employees (a felony), and resisting arrest for throwing a temper tantrum in class. The child was taken to the county jail, fingerprinted and had a mug shot taken. The chief of police stated, "Those are the normal procedures for anyone who is arrested." The "victim" had a red mark where she was "battered".

Normal childhood behavior has been criminalized for some time. This isn't new. Its the predictable result of females running the education institutions. After all.... what do girls do when they have a problem? Exactly... they appeal to some authority to fix it.

It started in High School... where once a fight resulted in two students facing a pissed off principle... it now results in arrests... because the SuperGirl Principles are in capable of dealing with the problem themselves.

What? You mean 17 year old street kids aren't easily controlled by 40 year old fat women? You can't be serious!

Funny thing though... its tricked down now... to even elementary and pre-schools... The female instinct to appeal to authority has taken over completely. If there is a cop in a building the girls will find a way to use him. He's even better than the principle... especially when the principle is a 40 year old fat woman. I mean really... what's she going to do?

Males have abandoned the school system. We've washed our hands of it. You can see the results. Its devolving. Its becoming the equivilant of grass hut civilization.

Homeschooling is no longer a choice people. Submitting your kids to a system like this is child abuse.

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