Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rebate My Ass

So a notice from the IRS came in the mail the other day... yeah... little increased sphincter tone at the mail box you can be sure of that... but alas... all is well... Its just the IRS telling me all about the fancy new tax rebate!

Rebate they call it.

Now correct me if I'm wrong.. but when I buy something... and the seller gives me some of my purchase money back.. that's a rebate right?

So I pay my taxes... the government gives me some of my money back... that's a rebate.

If I don't buy anything at all... and a shop sends me a check... is that a rebate? No. That's not a rebate. That's charity.

And if that shop was to put a gun to a paying customer's head... and order that paying customer to give his money to window-shopper... that's not a rebate either. That's armed robbery... or as they call it at the univeristies... socialism.

So... if you make 20grand a year... you don't pay the federal income tax. Every dime you send you get back.. and then some. But not only that... they are sending you someone else's rebate.

Because them that actually pay taxes... you know... the ones that make a buck fifty or more... they don't get a rebate. And duh... you can't expect the government to give it rich folks though can ya ? I mean... rich folks don't buy no lotto tickets.

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