Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So Far...

So good. Roberts, Scalia, and "Machine Gun" Sam Alito have made it pretty clear in today's hearing that they firmly believe in an individual right to bear arms. Suprisingly Kennedy was very active... and routinely and strongly expressed the view that the Second Amendment had nothing to do with the military... that it defines an individual right that may also supplement the militia causes found elsewhere in the Constition.

If you doulted Roberts there may be reason to hope... less than 20 seconds into the DC attourney's remarks Roberts had him stuttering and stammering all over himself.

I don't know much stock we can put in the questioning. But we know Thomas is a hardcore individual rights man.. so Kennedy is the deciding factor... yet again.

It certainly sounds like the DC Ban is doomed... and it looks like the ruling will find an individual right to bear arms. What's left is the scope...

of course... as I wrote eariler today... the Scope is Everything.

I'll provide complete transcripts when they are available.

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