Friday, February 01, 2013

ATF: Beowulf Edition

Welcome home boys.  I do hope you enjoy your evening...   Standard rules apply.

A: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit.  pity me.

T: Ghurka.  If I am in a rut... its a mighty GOOD rut.  Perhaps its a groove.

F:  Well...  I suppose I've been teasing you folks with this long enough.

On with it then...

I seriously doubt any man ever got up after being hit with a 45/70.  I don't give a damn how big a man is.  That big a bullet... arriving with that much kinetic energy... just ends your day.  Them What Knows have long said that when it came to putting men down... accurately fired big heavy slower bullets did the trick.

So... while others sing the praises of the lightening fast .223 and its varmint sized projectile...  I'll side with the old timers.  Enter...  the Alexander Arms .50 beowulf.  Boar?  Elk?  Moose?  Boys outside of a pissed off Cape Buffalo I just don't know what is out there that is going to stand up to the thing.

But how does it shoot?

Well first off let me say that folks that complain about the recoil must not actually spend any time shooting real rifles.  This thing weighs... farkles and all... about 10 pounds.  Now it takes a lot to make 10 pounds of rifle kick enough to hurt... and this little round just aint enough.  Maybe it kicks a lot compared to the .223... but certainly not a lot compared to a shotty or a .300 win mag.

Accuracy?   half inch at 50 yards.  which... in .50 cal... is one hole.   Granted... its a big hole.

Oh...  and the sound?  Its not really a crack like most rifles.  This is...  sort of a BOOM.  I would think it would be terribly demoralizing to hear that coming from the other side of a confrontation.

Two last things...  Someone asked what its for.  As best I can tell you... its for shooting pigs.  Lots of pigs.  And by pigs.. I mean actual wild boar.  Don't be smart asses people.  Alternatively... if you ever have to bring down a herd of angry Brinks trucks... this is great option.  And the last thing... is the cool factor.  If the object is to get something really fun.. that all your buddies will hate you for owning...  then this also is a very very good option.


Raggededge said...

A: Cakebread Cellars Cabernet 2009

T: None tonight

F: I mean really, what is anyone going to put down that will top the Beowulf. I have got to get me one of those. Nate, what options did you go for? And, how long was the wait?

thimscool said...

A: White Hawk Select IPA

T: Nyet.

F: M&P 40c, thinking about getting a storm lake barrel so that it can fire 9mm.

Not sure about the Beowulf... what is the effective range? That’s gotta be a loopy trajectory. It would sure play havoc up close, but it won’t be cheap to shoot and I doubt you’d still be seeing 1 MOA at 200 yards; it might make a very good option for home defense, though.
I guess you keep the .308 for distance (bolt) or go to war (M1A).

Not a fan of the AK variants, Nate?

Nate said...

effective range for the beowulf is 200 yards but realistically you're not going to shoot it that far at man sized targets... that would be for like.. kill shots on vehicles coming at you and such.

You will absolutely get 1 moa though.

Ammo isn't cheap and it isn't easy to find. Hand loading is a must.

I went with the 50... but I almost went 458 socom or 450 bushmaster because of the ammo availability.

As for AKs.



Nate said...

I just got the 16 entry. barebones. It took a long time to get. like... 6 weeks.

I am hoping to take it to a very popular range this weekend... just to see everyone flip the hell out.

Double Minded Man said...

No AKs?
This one would seem to do in a pinch

Nate said...

I confess... there is one variant that I could talk myself into... blog post I suppose.

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ENthePeasant said...

Didn't know you were still alive. However, seems you live. Love the .45/70 and Teddy Roosevelt used it against angry cape buffalo with great success. I've always wanted a Sharps and take a couple of bison with it. My son's both have Marlin guide guns and as pretty and handy as they are, shooting them isn't pretty or handy. It flat ass hurts a tender older gentleman such as myself. But Sharps, now there's a weapon for a gentleman.