Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Blackberry Q10

BlackBerry Q10


Total porn.

This comes out in just a few weeks.  You can get it in white too.  The battery life is rumored to be insane.


Vidad said...


Raggededge said...

We run a BESX server, but it won't work with BB10. So, now we have to upgrade to a full BES. Wonder why RIM did that, it's kind of a pain in the ass.

Vidad said...

Just thinking... perhaps you should also talk phones on the upcoming ATF show.

thimscool said...

Raggededge, BES has always been a PITA. But it matters less now as long as cloud providers spread the overhead across many users.

RIM does make nice devices.

Anonymous said...
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kh123 said...

OT - or maybe not since pr0n was mentioned in the post:

A new superhero in the making. Didn't see any mention of the make of car that he was driving.

Go Titans said...

We have many talented legislators in this state and I'm so proud.

Raggededge said...

@thimscool, the BES is a PITA, but we like it because it does a great job with data compression. For example, my brother and I both traveled to Europe, he has an iPhone, me a BB9930. We use our phone about the same. My data bill was $54, his was $540.

thimscool said...

Nice. That's always a nice bonus when encryption gives good compression ratios. Still 10 to 1 is crazy... But with an iPhone I'm not too surprised. I wonder how much of that extra traffic was crap that he neglected to "opt out" of when he opted to go with the Apple product.

raggededge said...

I have no doubt that a lot of his data was background BS. What I wonder is, if I use a Q10 without a BES, what does that do to my data bill?

thimscool said...

We'll see. Sprint still has a buffet plan, for what it's worth. But I bet your usage goes up some. The screens on newer phones, as we'll as the faster processors make them a major improvement, but also the temptation to use more bits.

Good to see RIM had the fortitude to show up to the future, playing to their strengths. Sometimes you have to wonder about those Canadians and their statistical likelihood to be eaten by bears.

Lulabelle said...

""Gay squared. Super double secret gay, with a side of gay, smothered in gay sauce, with a sprig of gay."

How dare you.

Get it right:
"Bane: 9/22/04 11:53 PM
Gay squared. Super double secret gay, with a side of gay, smothered in gay sauce, with a sprig of gay. And you ride a rice burner? Gay."

Lulabelle said...

2004. I've been reading Vox since at least 2004. Hmmm. All this time, I thought it was 2006.

Nate said...

I started reading Vox Pop. when Vox Pop was just an email response column.

jack said...

Wonderfully OT.
So, what think you of the Great Inflation/Deflation debate?
Has it died an unheralded death? Or, has Vox just decided he has met his match [or better] and is struggling to find the right words?

lulabelle said...

I've never heard of Vox Pop. That sure does sound gay. lol. Even more OT - we need a post entitled "why Shiner sucks". And the ilk need to pick a new beer.

Vidad said...


Simply one of the best quotes ever.

Lulabelle said...

"Simply one of the best quotes ever."
It is my favorite, followed closely by EP's "how to do a stand-off".

Nate said...

VOx posted a response monday I think. It was... well... in my opinion it was not effective.

As you will see soon when I post my next statement on the topic.

be patient.

bw said...

Nice. A Karl Denninger Disciple, no less.

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