Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cognitive Dissonance

So... it appears that there is a big brouhaha over some ingredients in the dog food Beneful.  Most of it centers around Purina's decision to include propylene glycol in the product.

So dog owners are outraged.  Outraged I tell you to have learned that they have been feeding something so awful to their dogs.

One wonders...

If you don't want to feed it to your dogs...  Do you think you should be injecting directly into your newborn baby?

Propylene Glycol is a stabilizing compound used to prevent accidental freezing.  Its common in vaccines   In fact all vaccines have it, or something very similar to it in them.

I wish these dog lovers cared as much about their kids.


Lex Rex said...

Your wife is in the medical field, right?

What Vaccine schedule did y'all use?

Vidad said...

Heavy metals, aborted babies and propylene glycol... and links to autism.

And people think we're crazy for avoiding this crap.

allyn71 said...

"But the doctor said it was safe and I don't want to seem like one of those homeschooling nutcases". That and the fact that they think their pets are more important than children are why they shoot their kids up with it but freak when the dog eats it.

Nate said...

Lex Rex

My wife is a board certified Anesthesiologist.

We do not vaccinate at all.

Res Ipsa said...

I wonder what the general public would think if they knew how many people in the medical community either don't vaccinate at all or are like us very selective about what we use.

trk said...

we didnt do vaccines until ours was 3, then it was just a tenous shot and I think polio...

and he is one of the healthiest kids in his peer group at church/pre-school

Sarah said...

They do care about their babies at least as much. They've just been conditioned to believe differently about vaccines.

They've been conditioned and manipulated all their lives, not just on this subject but on so many many things. Then, they ask you how many television sets you own. You and Vidad laughed about it on your radio program, says *so much* about their thinking. They are letting others do their thinking for them! Most people have a really hard time with the notion that something so harmful could be so heavily promoted, esp. by the institutions they are expected to trust implicitly. Their brains are locked. It's not hopeless. If you want to help their children, you help them to break free from the conditioning.

Saying something like, "omg!! That's in the vaccines, too. Look at the inserts! Can you imagine what it's doing to our children?"

is much better than

" I wish these dog lovers cared as much about their kids."

I know I'm going all Church Lady all over dis place! But that's because they be rapin' everybuddy!! So, hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your, sorry. I'm evil.

Susan said...

Have you guys seen that article yet today, regarding the 5 year old girl who has been suspended from kindergarten because her pediatrician won't give her the chickenpox vaccine because doing so will endanger the newborn little sister?

Seems the CDC even says that in rare instances, the vaccinated person can infect others with the disease. Come to find out these 2 little ones have an inherited autoimmune disease.

After reading the article on Huffington, I came to the conclusion that the school district's decision wasn't based on actual medical fact, it was based on the fact that a pediatrician and the parents challenged their authority.

The other thought that came to mind was if the teacher and the other students were already vaccinated, how would this little girl supposedly endanger them?
Maybe Dr. Who could enlighten us on this Nate?