Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Syria, Russia, and a Championship Belt

I know this blog hasn't been the most serious place to find news analysis in the last few years.  That's because I believe when you have nothing to say you should stubbornly refuse to say it.

I've got something to say today though...

Do you know what just happened in Syria?

Russia just took the Super Power Championship Belt from the United States.   That's what happened.   Let me explain.

The Syrian civil war has raged for years and has cost over 100,000 lives.  I would argue that its not actually a civil war at all.  I would argue that its actually World War III... but that is the subject for another post.  Over the last year or so the United States has been ramping up its war machine.  Some factions within the US have been pressuring the US to invade Syria.  Some external pressure has come seeking the same thing.

All of this culminates with the supposed chemical attacks by the rebels... I mean Assad Regime... and now the US has the excuse its been looking for.  Team America: World Police to the rescue!  Obama and America are going to ride in and save the day!  They are going to rid the world of those evil chemical weapons!  Fire up the Carrier fleet boys!  Its time to chew gum or kick ass... and we're all out of gum!

Everything was going exactly as planned until Putin shoved a whole pack of Big League Chew into Obama's face and told him to go to his room while the grown ups talked.

Then a funny thing happened.   Obama did what he was told.  America is backing down.

Russia accomplished this in two ways.  First they called for calm...  Then they sent their most advanced anti-ship missile systems to Syria.  Note...  not anti-aircraft.   Anti-ship.   That's a big difference.  They aren't talking about shooting down some planes.  They're talking about doing real damage to the US's ability to project power.  Walk softly... carry a big stick.  This should look familiar.  Its the kind of thing America used to do.

After sending those missiles to Syria Russia then rounded up the G20 and effectively made sure they were all in its pocket.  Russia called for more information.  It asserted that the matter had to go before the UN Security Council and that the US threats were unacceptable.

See the US likes to use the UN for cover when it wants to invade a given country... but the US also likes to ignore the UN when the UN doesn't want to play along.   Russia has asserted that the US has no authority to play that game anymore.  Russia is calling the US bluff... and the US so far... appears to be folding.

Remember this people.

September of 2013 was the end of the United State's World Super Power Championship Reign.

Russia took the belt.

Russia is the calm cool adult in the room.  Russia is calling the shots and the world is listening.  For decades the context of every world crisis was "How will the United States respond to this?"  Russia has changed that now.

It is now a very different world.


black said...

Thought-provoking analysis. Thanks for the insight.

Daniel said...

What's interesting is that the calm adulthood is coming from the people who spent their maniacal years eroding our institutions to become childlike.

And we let the bastards do it.

And we liked it.

Almost as much as we liked Abraham Lincoln.

...funny that.

Susan said...

Great post today Nate. Lots of truth. One thing though. In all honesty, do you really think it was a fair fight? Looking forward to the transcripts of his speech today. I refuse to listen to Obama talk. I would rather read a Scalzi book than listen to that.

Putin v Obama? Any intelligent person is going to give it to Putin. Not that I am a Russia lover, but I have to admire the adult in the room.

I also have a strong suspicion that Putin did a little behind the scenes blackmail of his own. Chicago thuggery is small time compared to the tactics and reach of the KGB.

Russell said...

I thought it would end up like this when Putin had his PR team releasing photos of him being a badass Russian while Obama's PR team him riding a bike and throwing a baseball like a nancy.

All empires come to an end, I'm just sad America's ending is so freaking gay.

Res Ipsa said...


Damn it.

Outlaw X said...

Russia doesn't bluff. They will trick you but I believe Putin is talking through back channels saying one thing and through the media saying another and screwing with Obamas head.

earl ragnar cheddarman said...


I am usually in agreement with you, and though russia looks like the adult in the room, I think the U.S. has the championship belt as long as the world uses the dollar for a reserve currency. I know the dollar is slipping, but this pipeline and the europeans having to pay dollars for natural gas would help prop up the dollar and give the American welfare- warfare state some more life.

If the route through syria fails, there may be other potions that work

SDH said...

It's been what a year? two? you've been saying Russia, not China is the next superpower.

I really didn't see this type of fecklessness coming from America.

Nate said...


The Dollar is the most common reserve currency. It is not the only reserve currency. The real reserve currency... is and always will be... Gold.

cheddarman said...


no arguments here about the inevitability of a return to a gold standard.

but, in the mean time, there are a lot of central bankers and politicians who are not going to let go of fiat money and the power that comes with it

the US will still be acting like the 800 pound gorilla of the world until the petro-dollar goes down, whether the world likes it or not

I am praying for that day.



Cheddarman said...

It would be great dark commedy if the U.S. lost a carrier battle group or two over Syria.

However, I dont expect the U.S. to permanently back down here, and give up. Too much is at stake. If Russia wins, they keep their natural gas market in Europe. If the U.S. wins, they deliver a body blow to Russia, and strengthen the petro-dollar.

I would expect us to try and take down thier government by funding more revolutionaries.



Nate said...

the US will back down because it can't afford to not back down.

cheddarman said...

Nate we should bet on this.

I bet a 6 pack of your favorite off the shelf beer
I think the U.S. will deescalate militarily, and continue to fight a covert long war against Assad, for reasons stated above

what say you?



cheddarman said...


i still plan on making the snake attractant, if you are interested, I lost my raw materials when i moved, and am starting over.

Please post you e-mail account so i can contact you



WaterBoy said...

Speaking of championships...any substance to these accounts against an Alabama player that may lead to the Tide vacating last year's title, as happened with Bush and USC?

cheddarman said...


are you hiding from me, like Bedford Forrest running from King Leonidas of the Spartans?



SDH said...


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