Sunday, May 25, 2014

Skill, Wierd Habbits, and Bizarre Luck

Man...  what a day.

Ok so this afternoon I decided to have a little impromptu range time.  That is... I went out back and shot some.  See friday our good buddy Will put some pictures up from a trip to the range, and like all good friends do, I busted his balls over it.   Now Will had tagged a fella that had coached him some on his shooting and the fella took offense at my comments.

It turns out this guy is a marine sniper (I'd say was but there are no ex-marines.  They don't exist.).  Lets just say he and I have a difference in opinion about what adequate shooting is... and about what the capabilities of an AR carbine are.   I pointed out that I had several that were sub-moa guns...  and he flatly called me a liar, saying that he had NEVER met anyone that could hold a 223 to sub-moa levels at any appreciable distance.

Well...  far be it from me to pass up a chance to show up an honest to marine sniper. (I hope you're reading this Bane... you weepy old bastard.)

Anyway I grabbed my M&P14... because its bone stock and I didn't want him accusing me of using a ringer....  loaded up 4 winchester 55 grain ballistic silver tips... and headed out back.  In a moment of true high class shooting ingenuity I grabbed a half empty bag of miracle grow and plopped it up on a little plastic table I was using for a bench.  Sandbags... dirt bag....  same thing.

I settled in and aimed what I as hoping was about 22 inches high.  It was a perfect day for this... there was literally no wind at all.  Couldn't have been more still if I was shooting indoors.  I pulled the rifle in... looked  down the POS Chicom scope I have mounted on it (this is my beater rig can ya tell?)  and squeezed off 4 relaxed shots.

I cleared the rifle and then... just on a whim... I stood up and drew the Steyr.  I really don't know why I do this so often but I do.  I just love trying insane pistol shots.  I was aiming so far over the target I couldn't even see thing.  I just pointed in the general direction and squeezed the trigger till it broke.

Then I got on the tractor... drove around the lake...  pulled up to the backstop and found this...

I literally laughed out loud.   I mean you can't make stuff like this up.

Anyway if you look at the actual shooting... note... that is a 1.2 inch group.  From 350 yards away.  I do believe the ol' M&P15 just earned herself a real scope.  I held to high obviously.  Still... I'll take it.


Susan said...

When they leave the service after the completion of their time, they are former Marines. I have been told that by at least two different sources, both Marines. They are always going to be Marines, you are right about that, but when not in the service, they are called former.

Now if you want to show deserved disrespect to a Marine when he dishonors the uniform by being an unethical SOB like Murtha was, you call him and EX Marine. When you hear that Nate, you know there is NO greater insult than to say that to a Marine. No cussing, just call him an ex.

Susan said...

That is excellent shooting Nate. I would say that your weapon definitely earned a scope.

ApolloK said...

So, what kind of Active does that make you?

Giraffe said...

That aint bad at all.

Nate said...


Remember the pilot that had the active ability to alter probabilities to come out how we wanted?

I'm going with that.

At today.

Nate said...

at least even

Res Ipsa said...

I've seen several factory AR's that shoot like this with decent ammo. I've never seen a milspec surplus gun shoot this good. I think that is why you will hear mil guys saying the gun doesn't shoot that good. The guns they have seen, and sometimes that is a lot of guns, don't shoot that well. It's not that the mil guys don't know about guns they just haven't shot the same quality.

John Williams said...

Nice shooting!

Nate said...

That's a good point Res. The same applies to ammo. They spend all their time shooting lake city and the stuff is spec'd to be ultra-reliable... but accuracy doesn't even get considered. I think its supposed to shoot 2 inches at 100 yards or something. Well no wonder these guys think ARs can't be shooters.

Russ said...

An m16 is only required to shoot 4 moa. Great shooting Nate.

Das cheddarman said...

Drove on the tractor?

What happened to the hover round :)


cheddarman the damn yakee