Sunday, April 23, 2006

Attention Wrenchers

Brilliam has a quextion:

Here we go. I have a '96 1500 Vulcan Classic.Four speed box. Have Vance/Hines pipes, new along with jet kit. Carb has been removed and cleaned. Here's problem. When you idle or rev at idle, no prob. If you try to take off before the bike is totally warmed up, it'll stall when you go from 1st to 2nd. Like there's suddenly no fuel. Any idea's? Once warm, it runs great. Didn't do this before.

My knee jerk reaction is that its flooding when its cold. Note the mods. More air going out... more fuel going in... but what about intake mods? When she's nice and hot to trott she may be able to handle all that gas... but when she's cold she may need more air flow to help.

I say either open up the air box... or use a smaller jet. What do ya think boys?

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