Friday, April 28, 2006

Biggest Feather in the KGB's Hat

There's been some banter of late about just why Viet Nam went the way it did. It's pretty simple really.

The KGB did it.

There is plainly documented proof that the KGB ran massive insurgency counter-war operations in the US during the 60's and 70's. It was the USSR's response to Containment.

KGB operatives were positioned throughout the University system of the US and other Western countries. They targeted young women with a specific message of peace... and then added the hook of free love... which of course actually ment free sex.

Women are easily manipulated emotionally... and where the young women go, the young men will follow. Simple genious. Hippy chicks put out. You want to get laid? You need a hippy chick. You want a hippy chick? You need to be a hippy. Replace hippy with Commie and the mask comes off.

The amazing thing about the totality of the KGB's accomplishment is that its still effective today. Looking around the modern US... the same sicking mindset is still there among the baby boomers... right there... just below the surface... just dying to get out.

If any generation has done more harm to America than the Baby Boomers... I have no idea which it was. The Generation that won WWII may have been a glorious group... but it's kids were the most spoiled, useless, pathetic generation America has ever known. Interesting isn't it? One generation defeated Nazis... and spawned the disease that would kill America.

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