Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Visit to the Armoury

Ol' Bird chimed in a thread or so down and asked about stockin' up on weapons. I figure the best way to get that ball rollin' is to offer some general types of weapons, explain their uses, then get into specifics.

The first thing you have to ask is always, "what do I want this gun to do for me?"

Here are some common uses and examples, and understand... we could spend 200 comments on each of these catagories... I'm being real broad here. Once we know what we're really interested in, we'll narrow stuff down.

Meat Gun: This a rugged hunting rifle. Depending on the local geography its going to vary pretty widely. Around here in Tennessee you've got thick brush and rough terrain. Something light, and easy to swing around is a great option. It could be a lever gun like a 30/30 or a Marlin Guide Gun... or it could be a bolt action long range rifle. This weapon is what ya use to bring home food.

Truck Gun: This is a Oh Shit weapon. You're out and about... The Shit Hits the Fan, and you have to get home. It needs to be small enough to hide in accessable spot in your vehicle... Must be semi-auto. These weapons tend to be a step down from Duty Rifles. Mini-14's... The Keltec SU-16... these tend to show up in scavenger calibers to. .223 is real popular. These aren't going to win any wars, but you will certainly out gun any gang of thugs that decides to jump ugly with their 9's. Its a just in case weapon. A luxury... but a damned handy one. Somefolks substitute a duty pistol for the small rifle... but I don't like it.

Duty Rifle: These are big rugged guns. FN-FAL's... AK's... AR's... Battle weapons. .223 or .308 should be your only choices here... and I'd go with .308. Dead men don't shoot back... and sometimes you just might need to reach out more than a couple hundred yards. This would be your primary weapon. Bayonets... extra mags... slings... get all the goodies. Must be Semi-auto.

Concealed Carry Pistol: This is your walkin' around gun. I've posted at length on CCW pistols. Y'all know where I stand. If ya want a wheelgun get a little taurus titanium .357. if ya want a semi... it gets more complicated. Bird, get your chick a millenium in .40 or the wheelgun.

Duty Pistol: Berretta 92... Taurus PT-101 (my gun)... or the ultimate... a Full-Size 1911. This is your primary backup to your Duty Rifle... and the first choice for close-quarters fighting.

House Gun: Nothing beats a 12-guage pump for pure home defense. I love the mossberg myself because its just more gun for the money. As far as customizing it... the first thing should be a mag extension... then a pistol grip stock. I don't like lights on my guns because they give away your location, and the fact is... in the dark, you should know your house better than the boys you're huntin'. On the other hand... the light may keep you from shooting your wife. Of course if your wife stays where you tell her to stay that's not a problem. Your call.

So... Obviously there are guns that defy these catagories, and guns that fit in two or three catagories. But like I said... what do you want the gun to do? Personally I'm lookin' for a truck gun... and I'm debating on the Keltec SU-16 or one of the fancy Berrettas. If I were lookin' for a Duty Gun I'd go buy an FN-Fal or an AR-10... well... maybe that Springfield Squad Rifle... ok.. so it would take more than a little debate on that one... hrmm...

Ok.. lets prioritize.

Bird has his House Guns. That's a great starting spot. Next I would recommend either a CCW pistol or Duty Pistol... Then a Truck Gun... then a Duty Rifle. Remember when you're shopping CCW and Truck Gun... sometimes you can get small rifles in popular pistol calibers that even use the same mags. A semi-auto .45 pistol and a semi-auto .45 rifle that used the same mags would be an awesome combo of ccw or duty pistol and truck gun. Something to think about.

What do y'all think?

Oh... me?

hehehe... Lets say I got my bases covered.

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